1954 Buick - the Beautiful Buy

1954 Buick – Tomorrow is here

You see it – in those lines of the 1954 Buick that nestle lower to the roadway, that thrust further forward and aft, that rival those of an arrow in their functional fitness.

You sense it – in the vastly broadened vision of its panoramic windshield, in such interior innovations as its airplane-type controls, linear speedometer, and high-air intake ventilation.

But most of all, you feel it – in the surge of new­found power that takes it from your toe when you want to go in a way that exceeds even the engineers’ early expectations. “Sensational,” you’ll say and without exaggeration, when you sample the step-up in power you get from that great V8 that’s in every 1954 Buick.

You’ve had hints before that Buick was setting patterns for the future – in its development of Twin-Turbine Dynaflow Drive, the Million Dollar Hide, the world’s first vertical-valve V8. You know Buick has done it now in everything ­ in style, in ride, in comfort, in performance. See these provocative new 1954 Buicks models. Drive them. You’ll agree, “tomorrow is here.”

1954 Buick Model Overview
1954 Buick Trunk Emblem

16 models in 4 series for 54

1954 Buick Skylark Convertible

The 1954 Buick Skylark is an individual and distinguished model designed distinctly for the limited number of motorists who want literally “everything” in a motorcar of exclusive design. The Skylark fulfills this purpose in beautiful fashion.

It is daringly different in both exterior and interior styling; front and rear fenders, rear deck, body trim and interior upholstery are all exclusively designed for this single model. It has the dose-coupled lines and dimensions of a sports car-yet is equipped, at one list price, with every special feature that could be desired in the finest of custom-built cars.

The brilliance of its big 200-horsepower Buick V8 performance is combined dramatically with the compact maneuverability of its balanced 122″ wheelbase, for exceptional power-to-weight ratio. And the many “tomorrow” features first seen in the experimental Wildcat, mark the Skylark as the Buick for those with a zest for the finest in spirited sports cars.

1954 Buick Skylark Convertible
Learn more about the 1954 Buick Skylark
1954 Buick Body Tag
1954 Buick Body Tag Decode

It’s all about the numbers

Two plates attached to each 1954 Buick can tell you where it was built and how well it was equipped. With this data you can restore it back to factory specs easily.

1954 Buick VIN Plate
1954 Buick VIN Plate Decode
1954 Buick Sweepspear

What you need to know about the 1954 Buick

1954 Buick Production
1954 Buick Production Overview
1954 Buick Specifications
1954 Buick Specifications
1954 Buick Equipment
1954 Buick Optional Equipment
1954 Buick Interior

Beauty inside

1954 Buick Interior View

Over 60 interior trim combinations were available for buyers of a 1954 Buick. Hometown Buick has digitalized them to show you the original seat and bolster materials.

1954 Buick Interior Trims

Build your own 1954 Buick

1954 Buick Coloring Tool

Want to see this 1954 Buick in a different color?

1954 Buick Configurator

or see all

1954 Buick Colors

See the 1954 Buicks in Motion

Watch the original salesmen and mechanics training slidefilms!

Free repair & owner manuals for your 1954 Buick!

Home Base of 1954 Buick Memorabilia: the Hometown Buick Collection

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1954 Buick Press Release Kit

1954 Buick Press Release Kit

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1954 Buick Reference Book Feature

Like printed stuff?

In our Hometown Buick shop you can buy spare originals, reprints of rare items and recreations like the 1954 Buick Reference Book.

1954 Buick Reference Book 08

We’ve compiled all important data we have and know into one single publication. Get your personal 1954 Buick reference book now!

1954 Buick Reference Book

1954 Trivia

What else happened in 1954?

(Based on this article on Wikipedia.)

  • January 14 – Marilyn Monroe marries baseball player Joe DiMaggio.
  • January 21 – The first nuclear-powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, is launched in Groton, Connecticut, by First Lady of the United States Mamie Eisenhower.
  • January 29 – Birth of Oprah Winfrey, American actress, talk show hostess, producer, and publisher.
  • February 3 – Elizabeth II becomes the first reigning monarch to visit Australia.
  • February 15 – Birth of Matt Groening, American cartoonist (known for “The Simpsons”).
  • February 18 – Birth of John Travolta, American actor (Saturday Night Fever).
  • February 26 – Birth of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 12th President of Turkey.
  • March 25 – RCA manufactures the first color television set (12-inch screen; price: $1,000).
  • March 30 – The first operational subway line in Canada opens in Toronto.
  • April – Bill Haley & His Comets record “Rock Around the Clock”, thus starting the rock and roll craze.
  • April 7 – Birth of Jackie Chan, Hong Kong-born actor.
  • May 6 – Death of B. C. Forbes, Scottish-born publisher (b. 1880), founder of “Forbes Magazine”.
  • June 7 – Early computer scientist Alan Turing commits suicide.
  • June 27 – The world’s first atomic power station opens at Obninsk, near Moscow.
  • July 4 – “Miracle of Bern”: West Germany beats Hungary 3–2 to win the 1954 FIFA World Cup.
  • July 15 – The maiden flight of the Boeing 367-80 (or Dash 80), prototype of the Boeing 707 series.
  • July 17 – Birth of Angela Merkel, current Chancellor of Germany.
  • August 12 – Birth of François Hollande, current President of France.
  • August 16 – Birth of James Cameron, Canadian-born film director.
  • August 16 – The first issue of Sports Illustrated magazine is published in the United States.
  • October – Ernest Hemingway received the Nobel Prize in Literature.
  • October 18 – Texas Instruments announces the development of the first commercial transistor radio.
  • October 23 – West Germany joins NATO.
  • November 3 – The first Godzilla film premieres in Tokyo.
  • November 12 – The main immigration port-of-entry in New York Harbor at Ellis Island closes permanently.
  • December 4 – The first Burger King opens in Miami, Florida.
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