1957 Buick Literature

Hometown Buick was formed to help you out with original information about your 1957 Buick. That’s why we’ve made this 1957 Buick Literature section for you. Here you find owners guides and literature as well as repair manuals for your classic car. All items here free!

The original books, manuals, flyers and other material are part of the Hometown Buick Collection with over 3,000 items. All of them have been digitalized to save them for the future. Some of them are already optimized for the web – that’s the 1957 Buick Literature you see here. If you want to see more or a particular book, please let us know!

1957 Buick Owners Guide

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The 1957 Buick Owners was compiled by the Buick Engineering and Service Departments to assist 1957 Buick Owners in obtaining the utmost pleasure and satisfaction from their new car. It has a few operating tips for 57 Buick owners that are very helpful. Read more about instruments, fuel selection, lights, accessories, gear shifting, specifications and maintenance!

1957 Buick Chassis Service Manual

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If you're lookinf for repair or maintenance info for your 57 Buick - or if you just want to know how it works, you should read the 1957 Buick Chassis Service Manual. It is - in connection to the body service manual - the most complete service book. It covers 1957 Buick Lubricare and Bearing Service, Engine, Engine Fuel and Exhaust Systems, Clutch, Synchromesh Transmission, Rear Axle, Steering Gear and Tie Rods, Frame and Sheet Metal, Brakes, Electrical Systems, Radio, Heater & Air Conditioner! Most chapters have detailed instructions with illustrations and pictures.

1957 Buick Product Service Bulletins AE

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Early production changes, improvements or repair instructions were published in the 1957 Buick Product Service Bulletins. Buick dealers and independent repair shops received them regularly . At the end of the year, Buick reviewed them and published the most important ones in this Abridged Edition (AE) of the 1957 Buick Product Service Bulletins.