1952 Buick Literature

This page is the start for all 1952 Buick Literature. No matter if you’re an owner, enthusiast or mechanic – these books, manuals, guides and flyers help you to understand the operation and maintenance of the 52 Buick!

All items on this page are part of the Hometown Buick Collection. The originals have been scanned, completely digitalized and optimized for use on the internet. The idea behind Hometown Buick is to help you – that’s why all literature in this section can be read for free!

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1952 Buick Shop Manual

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The 1952 Buick Shop Manual furnishes all service information on 1952 Buick Models - including Lubricare, Bearing Service, Engine, Engine Fuel and Exhaust Systems, Clutch, Transmission, Universal Joint, Rear Axle Assembly, Steering Gear and Tie Rods, Chassis Suspension, Frame, Brakes, Electrical Systems, Accessories, Radio, Chassis Sheet Metal & Body. This is a must have 1952 Buick Literature item for repairing and maintaining your 1952 Buick!

1952 Buick Body Changes

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This Service News illustrates and explains the body hardware and trim changes affecting 1952 Buick Body Changes. These changes include… a low speed Hydro-Lectric motor and pump for all hydraulic styles… mechanical “flipper” side roof rail sealing strips for Super and Roadmaster Riviera Sport Coupe, newly located lock pillar weatherstrips on convertibles and sport coupes, door trim pads with built-in arm rests on the Roadmaster Convertibles and Rivieras, windshield wiper torsional inertia arresters on Buick Special bodies only, compression type rear compartment gutter upper weatherstrips and a new method of attaching rear quarter belt moldings on convertible coupe styles.