1955 Buick - Thrill of the Year is Buick

1955 Buick – Pay-off on Progress

It takes a long-time Buick owner to really appreciate what tremendously advanced cars the 1955 Buicks are.

For when you compare these spanking-new beauties with the finest Buicks that could be built two, three, four and five years ago – you find an almost incredible difference. The new Variable Pitch Dynaflow of 1955 is one example. In immediate response and in gas-saving mileage, it is as far advanced over earlier Dynaflows as the first Dynaflow was advanced over manual transmissions.

Power is another example. The great strides made in the Buick engines of the past years result in the spectacular horsepower boost you get in all 1955 Buicks. And you get as much as 4.8 more miles per gallon in these new 55 Buicks than in Buicks of six years ago.

There are many other differences that pinpoint this constant Buick progress. You find it in the handling, the ride, the visibility, the modern décors, the quietness of the car’s interior. And, most definitely, you find it in the fresh and forward-looking styling that has made Buick the unquestioned trend-setter.

Come in and take the wheel of a new SPECIAL, CENTURY, SUPER or ROADMASTER. That’s the only way to know the thrilling pay-off that progress has brought to Buick for 1955.

1955 Buick Model Overview
1955 Buick Hood

18 models in 4 series for 55

1955 Buick Body Tag
1955 Buick Body Tag Decode

It’s all about the numbers

Two plates attached to each 1955 Buick can tell you where it was built and how well it was equipped. With this data you can restore it back to factory specs easily.

1955 Buick VIN Plate Decode
1955 Buicks

What you need to know about the 1955 Buick

1955 Buick Production
1955 Buick Production Overview
1955 Buick Specifications
1955 Buick Specifications
1955 Buick Equipment
1955 Buick Optional Equipment
1955 Buick Interior Slider

Beauty inside

1955 Buick Interior

80 different interior trim combinations were available for buyers of a 1955 Buick. Hometown Buick has digitalized them to show you the original seat and bolster materials.

1955 Buick Interior Trims

Build your own 1955 Buick

1955 Buick Coloring Tool

Want to see this 1955 Buick in a different color?

1955 Buick Configurator

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1955 Buick Colors

See the 1955 Buicks in Motion

Watch the original salesmen and mechanics training slidefilms!

Free repair & owner manuals for your 1955 Buick!

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1955 Buick Press Release Kit

1955 Buick Press Release Kit

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Like printed stuff?

In our Hometown Buick shop you can buy spare originals, reprints of rare items and recreations like the 1955 Buick Reference Book.

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We’ve compiled all important data we have and know into one single publication. Get your personal 1955 Buick reference book now!

1955 Buick Reference Book

1955 Trivia

What else happened in 1955?

(Based on this article on Wikipedia.)

  • January 6 – Birth of Rowan Atkinson, English comedian and actor.
  • January 7 – Marian Anderson is the first African-American singer to perform at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.
  • February 8 – Birth of John Grisham, American novelist.
  • February 24 – Birth of Steve Jobs, American businessman and founder of Apple Inc. (d. 2011)
  • March – A young Jim Henson builds the first version of Kermit the Frog.
  • March 5 – Elvis Presley makes his television debut on “Louisiana Hayride” carried by KSLA-TV Shreveport (although audio recordings exists, there is no known video footage of this appearance).
  • March 19 – Birth of Bruce Willis, American actor.
  • April 5 – Winston Churchill resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom due to ill-health at the age of 80.
  • April 18 – Death of Albert Einstein, German-born physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1879).
  • July 18 – Disneyland opens to the public in Anaheim, California.
  • August 27 – First edition of the Guinness Book of Records is published, in London.
  • September 30 – Actor James Dean is killed when his automobile collides with another car at a highway junction near Cholame, California.
  • October 2 – Alfred Hitchcock Presents debuts on the CBS TV network in the United States.
  • October 28 – Birth of Bill Gates, American businessman and founder of Microsoft.
  • November 1 – The Vietnam War begins between the South Vietnam Army and the North Vietnam Army in which the latter is allied with the Viet Cong.
  • December 31 – General Motors becomes the first American corporation to make a profit of over one billion dollars in one year.