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1955 Buick Owners Guide

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The 1955 Buick Owners Guide was compiled by Buick to assist 1955 Buick Owners in obtaining the utmost pleasure and satisfaction from their car. From the owners and collectors standpoint, the owners manual is one of the major 1955 Buick Literature items to have!

1955 Buick Product Service Bulletins AE

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Buick Product Service Bulletins were issued whenever the need for supplementary information was necessary and they should also be used by Buick mechanics in 1955. Buick published these Service Bulletings troughout the year. The 1955 Buick Product Service Bulletins Abridged Edition was the collection of the most important ones from BPS 2.378 NOV. 15, 1954 to BPS 2.395 OCT. 10, 1955.

1955 Buick Product School Manual

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The 1955 Buick Product School Manual furnishes service information on those chassis items in 1955 models which are different from 1954 models. It was published to give mechanics a preview about new features and changes to prepare them to service the new model line.

1955 Buick Shop Manual

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The 1955 Buick Shop Manual is the collection of the most important repair and maintenance information for all 55 Buick models. Read more about Lubricare & Bearing Service, Engine, Engine Fuel and Exhaust Systems, Clutch, Synchromesh Transmission, Universal Joint, Dynaflow Transmission, Rear Axle Assembly, Steering Gear and Linkage, Chassis Suspension, Frame and Sheet Metal, Brakes, Electrical Systems, Accessories, Radio & Body.

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