1959 Buick - THE CAR - Buick

1959 Buick – THE CAR


This is Buick’s year! There’s fabulous new styling highlighted by all-new four-door hardtops and new high and wide Vista-Panoramic windshield!

New power and flow with two new spirited Wildcat engines and new Twin and Triple Turbine transmissions! New instant response, Easy Power Steering! New Equipoise Chassis! New Magic-Mirror finishes!

Literally, the ’59 Buick’s new and wonderful from road to roof . . . a new generation of great Buicks!

1959 Buick Model Overview
1959 Buick Models Slogan

17 models in 4 series for 59

1959 Buick Slider
1959 Buick Body Tag
1959 Buick Body Tag Decode

It’s all about the numbers

Two plates attached to each 1959 Buick can tell you where it was built and how well it was equipped. With this data you can restore it back to factory specs easily.

1959 Buick VIN Plate Decode

What you need to know about the 1959 Buick

1959 Buick Production
1959 Buick Production Overview
1959 Buick Specifications
1959 Buick Specifications
1959 Buick Equipment
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1959 Buick Registry
1959 Buick Registry

Beauty inside

1959 Buick Interior

Over 60 interior trim combinations were available for buyers of a 1959 Buick. Hometown Buick has digitalized them to show you the original seat and bolster materials.

1959 Buick Interior Trims

Build your own 1959 Buick

1959 Buick Coloring Tool

Want to see this 1959 Buick in a different color?

1959 Buick Configurator

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1959 Buick Colors

See the 1959 Buicks in Motion

Watch the original salesmen and mechanics training slidefilms!

Free repair & owner manuals for your 1959 Buick!

Home Base of 1959 Buick Memorabilia: the Hometown Buick Collection

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1959 Buick Showroom Album & Trim Book 02 Vertical

1959 Buick Showroom Album & Trim Book

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1959 Trivia

What else happened in 1959?

(Based on this article on Wikipedia.)

  • January 7 – The United States recognizes the new Cuban government of Fidel Castro.
  • January 21 – The European Court of Human Rights is established.
  • February 1 – A referendum in Switzerland turns down female suffrage.
  • February 19 – The United Kingdom decides to grant Cyprus its independence.
  • March 2 – Recording sessions for the album Kind of Blue by Miles Davis take place at Columbia’s 30th Street Studio in New York City.
  • March 8 – The Marx Brothers make their last television appearance, in The Incredible Jewel Robbery.
  • April 9 – NASA announces its selection of seven military pilots to become the first U.S. astronauts (later known as the Mercury Seven).
  • June 26 – Elizabeth II (Queen of Canada) and United States President Dwight Eisenhower open the Saint Lawrence Seaway.
  • July 1 – Australia’s longest running children’s TV series, Mr. Squiggle, first airs on ABC Television.
  • July 4 – With the admission of Alaska as the 49th U.S. state earlier in the year, the 49-star flag of the United States debuts in Philadelphia.
  • July 26 – Birth of Kevin Spacey, American actor.
  • August 14 – Birth of Magic Johnson, American basketball player.
  • August 21 – Hawaii is admitted as the 50th U.S. state.
  • September 14 – Luna 2 becomes the first man-made object to crash on the Moon.
  • September 16 – The Xerox 914, the first plain paper copier, is introduced to the public.
  • October 21 – In New York City, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (designed by Frank Lloyd Wright) opens to the public.
  • October 29 – First appearance of Astérix the Gaul.
  • November 5 – Birth of Bryan Adams, Canadian singer and photographer.