1956 Buick Literature

Looking for repair or maintenance for your 56 Buick? Feel yourself at home in our 1956 Buick Literature section! Here you can read basic repair information that was given to Buick dealers as well as information for new car buyers in 1956.

All 1956 Buick Literature items here are digital versions of good originals that were transferred to the computer. The digitalization process continues. All items of the Hometown Buick Collection have been scanned already. If you want to read more here, please tell us!

We wish you a good repair job, happy browsing our website and keep in mind that all info here was published in 1956 and might not reflect today’s knowledge!

1956 Buick Product Service Bulletins AE

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Buick had a special program to tell dealerships and other mechanics about production improvements, repair campaigns and other news: The Buick Product Service Bulletins (BPS) This abridged edition is a collection of the most important ones from the 1956 Buick selling period, BPS 2.396 NOV. 4, 1955 to BPS 2.414 OCT. 19, 1956.

1956 Buick Product School Manual

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The 1956 Buick Product School Manual furnishes service information on those chassis items in 1956 models which are different from 1955 models. Many of the differences between 1955 and 1956 models are obvious upon inspection and do not require service information. Read this book for comparisons between 55 and 56 Buick parts & systems plus new car features!

Buicks Busy Acres in Flint, Michigan

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The headquarter as well as the biggest assembly plant of Buick in 1956 were located in Flint, Michigan. New car buyers could pick up their new car right from the factory. It was also possible to take a look at the production process. Visitors to Buick's final assembly line saw a new car built rapidly. Less than two hours after a bore frame was placed on a power conveyor it supports a beautiful finished car, exact and quiet in operation. Thats why Buick called it Buicks Busy Acres. This rare 1956 Buick Literature piece gives you a virtual tour of the Buick factory and the 56 Buick assembly line.

1956 Buick Shop Manual

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In the 1956 Buick Shop Manual you find almost any repair and maintenance information you need for your 56 Buick - Lubricare & Bearing Service, Engine, Engine Fuel and Exhaust Systems, Clutch, Synchromesh Transmission, Universal Joint, Dynaflow Transmission, Rear Axle Assembly, Steering Gear and Linkage, Chassis Suspension, Frame and Sheet Metal, Brakes, Electrical Systems, Accessories, Radio & Body.