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Welcome to the Buick Videos section! Back in the 50s the television was not as established as today. The equipment was very expensive. Buick was sponsor of several TV shows like the Buick Berle show. You can find them on YouTube. So this section is about unusual Buick Videos. Some say, its like PowerPoint – 1950s style. The program called “Buick Dealer Organisation Training” (DOT) started in 1952. A complete set consists of record and filmstrip. They were played with film projectors.

Common topics were new car introductions, repair instructions or sales techniques. The typical duration was about 10 to 20 minutes each. The early slidefilms were in black and white; the first buick videos in color were published in 1953, the Golden Anniversary year for Buick.

Hometown Buick has started collecting the filmstrips and records in 2006. Today we have the biggest collection of DOT buick videos worldwide. There are only a few missing (over 90 percent complete). We’ve digitalized all of them. Our aim was to save them for the future. No efforts were spared. The result: All buick videos are available in HD quality. Our work: About 30 hours per slidefilm – all together over 300 hours – until now!

This is a full list of our Buick Videos / slidefilms. Have fun!

1952 Buick Videos (DOT)

1953 Buick Videos (DOT)

1954 Buick Videos (DOT)

1955 Buick Videos (DOT)

1956 Buick Videos (DOT)

1957 Buick Videos (DOT)

1958 Buick Videos (DOT)

1959 Buick Videos (DOT)

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