1953 Buick Literature

In 1953, Buick celebrated its 50th anniversary. That’s why this year has so many 1953 Buick Literature pieces. Here you find owners items like the owners guide as well as special shop/garage books like the shop manual.

Hometown Buick was formed to provide basic literature for all owners of this cool classic car and other Buicks of the 1950s. The digitalization of literature continues. More and more literature items become available – if you can’t wait to see it happening, please contact us!

We hope you like the digitalized versions of the original 1953 Buick Literature in this section!

1953 Buick Shop Manual

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The 1953 Buick shop manual is THE standard literature for repair and maintenance of 1953 Buicks. It was published and delivered in 53 by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors. In this manual, you will find: Lubricare Instructions, Engine, Engine Fuel and Exhaust Systems, Clutch, Transmission, Universal Joint, Rear Axle Assembly, Steering Gear and Tie Rods, Chassis Suspension, Frame, Brakes, Electrical Systems, Accessories, Radio, Chassis Sheet Metal & Body.

1953 Buick Product Service Bulletins AE

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The so-called abridged edition of the 1953 Buick Product Service Bulletins is the collection of the most important service bulletins published in 1953 (BPS 2.336, JAN. 31, 1953 to BPS 2.357, DEC. 15, 1953). If you want to know what kind of 1953 Buick literature the dealers received in 1953, this is your major source!

1953 Buick Product School Manual

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To inform dealer and salesmen about new technical features of the new 1953 Buick line, Buick published the 1953 Buick Product School Manual. It also tells the differences of the 'old' 52 Buick in comparison to the new 1953 Buick anniversary models. Content: 1953 Buick Fireball V-8 Engine, Twin Turbine Dynaflow Transmission, Dynaflow Linkage Adjustments, Removal of Power Steering Unit & 1953 Buick Specifications

1953 Buick Air Conditioner Manual

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Air conditioning in itself was not a new subject in 1953. Public buildings and homes have been air conditioned for many years. Then, too, countless millions of refrigerators have been built - nearly all of which operate by the same basic principles and components as our automobile air conditioning unit. The main function of the 53 Buick Air Conditioning system provide comfort in the passenger compartment of the car by cooling the air, removing the moisture from the air, and by supplying a limited amount of outside air for ventilation. We believe you will discover Buick Air Conditioning to be a very interesting feature and one which you will readily become qualified to service and maintain.