1957 Buick - Big Thrill

1957 Buick – For ’57, Big Thrill’s Buick

Buick is beauty in motion – the perfect blending of new looks with new action. The 1957 Buick is the most pleasant driving experience of a lifetime.

Long, low-sweep styling, the new Sweep-Ahead design, is instantly apparent and eye-pleasing from every viewpoint. Along with this, Buick in 1957 brings you a completely new car in action, power, and performance; in riding comfort and smart new interiors; in driving ease and roominess. And it is a car that is completely new in all-around visibility.

In addition, you get more plus benefits in a 1957 Buick than in any other automobile – those benefits such as pride of ownership, extra safety, lasting value, and above all others – that one outstanding factor of “quality” that has given Buick such prestige throughout the years.

Look the display cars over very carefully when you visit your Buick dealer’s and you’ll find evidence all around you of Buick’s meticulous craftsmanship. Check their interiors – you’ll find them fresh, sparkling, and beautiful. Look under the hood and you will see similar quality in Buick’s gleaming, new 364-cubic-inch V-8 engine for 57.

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1957 Buick Opening Title

22 models in 4 series for 57

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It’s all about the numbers

Two plates attached to each 1957 Buick can tell you where it was built and how well it was equipped. With this data you can restore it back to factory specs easily.

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What you need to know about the 1957 Buick

1957 Buick Production
1957 Buick Production Overview
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1957 Buick Specifications
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1957 Buick Registry

Beauty inside

1957 Buick Interior

Over 60 interior trim combinations were available for buyers of a 1957 Buick. Hometown Buick has digitalized them to show you the original seat and bolster materials.

1957 Buick Interior Trims

Build your own 1957 Buick

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Want to see this 1957 Buick in a different color?

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Watch the original salesmen and mechanics training slidefilms!

Free repair & owner manuals for your 1957 Buick!

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1957 Buick Press Release Kit

1957 Buick Press Release Kit

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What else happened in 1957?

(Based on this article on Wikipedia.)

  • January 3 – Hamilton Watch Company introduces the first electric watch.
  • January 14 – American screen actor Humphrey Bogart dies aged 57 in California after a long battle with cancer.
  • January 20 – Dwight D. Eisenhower is inaugurated for a second term as President of the United States.
  • February 16 – Ingmar Bergman’s film The Seventh Seal opens in Sweden.
  • March 4 – Standard & Poor’s first publishes the S&P 500 Index in the United States.
  • March 8 – Egypt re-opens the Suez Canal.
  • March 26 – 22-year-old Elvis Presley buys Graceland on 3734 Bellevue Boulevard (Highway 51 South) for $US100,000. He and his family move from the house on 1034 Audubon Drive.
  • April – IBM sells the first compiler for the Fortran scientific programming language.
  • July 6 – John Lennon and Paul McCartney first meet as teenagers at a garden fete at St. Peter’s Church, Woolton, Liverpool, England, at which Lennon’s skiffle group, The Quarrymen, is playing, 3 years before forming The Beatles.
  • October 4 – Space Age – Sputnik program: The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to orbit the earth.
  • October 31 – Toyota begins exporting vehicles to the United States, beginning with the Toyota Crown and the Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • November 3 – Sputnik program: The Soviet Union launches Sputnik 2, with the first animal to orbit the Earth (a dog named Laika) on board; there is no technology available to return it to Earth.
  • November 13 – Gordon Gould invents the laser.