1957 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

1957 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

The car sales business from the 1950s was different in comparison with today. But one big sales method, which is standard today, was first introduced at Buick in 1957. Besides the normal list of 1957 Buick Optional Equipment, there were two basic groups for options. They were packages, which consists of a number of options. Unfortunately they couldn’t stop the decrease of Buick sales.

As for 1956, the 57 Buick model line had a wide choice of optional equipment. From interior luxury to exterior fancy items – buyers could configure their 57 Buick to their personal needs perfectly.

We are still looking for some prices of options. Can you help us? If yes, please let us know!

A closer look at 1957 Buick Options & Accessories

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1957 Buick Power Steering

1957 Buick Optional Equipment Overview

ADynaflow Transmission$170.00StandardStandardStandard
BHeater & Defroster$91.25$91.25$91.25$91.25
CPower Steering$84.00Standard$84.00Standard
DSonomatic Radio with Manual Antenna$77.00$77.00$77.00$77.00
EWonderbar Radio with Manual Antenna$104.00$104.00$104.00$104.00
FSafety Group (B/U-Lights, Glare Proof Mirror, Prk. Brake Signal Light, Instrument Panel Safety Pad, Lower Safety-Minder Speedometer)$31.00$31.00$31.00Standard
GWindshield Washer and Wide Angle Wiper$12.00$12.00$12.00Standard
HDeluxe Steering Wheel (only with Custom Trim)$45.00StandardStandardStandard
IEasy Eye Glass$32.30$32.30$32.30$32.30
JInstrument Panel Safety Pad (Upper)? (std. with Custom Trim)StandardStandardStandard
KFoamtex Seat Cushions$17.00StandardStandardStandard
LPower Brakes$32.00$32.00$32.00$32.00
MAccessory Group (Wheel Covers, El. Clock, Trunk Light, License Plate Frame)$31.00n/an/an/a
NAir Conditioner$330.00$330.00$330.00$330.00
OSonomatic Radio with Electric Antenna$96.00$96.00$96.00$96.00
PWonderbar Radio with Electric Antenna$123.00$123.00$123.00$123.00
QWhite Wall Tires$35.00$35.00$35.00$35.00
ROversize Tires$52.00n/an/an/a
SPower Seat Adjuster (2-way)?? (std. on 56C)? (std. on 66C)? (std. on 73/76C/76R)
SPower Seat Adjuster (6-way)$75.00 (n/a for 48)$75.00$75.00$75.00
TPermanent Type Antifreeze????
UPower Window Lifts$76.00$76.00 (std on 56C)$76.00 (std on 66C)$96.80 (std on 76C/76R)
VDivided Rear Seat (only for 49/69)????
WDual Exhaust$24.00$24.00$24.00Standard
YJunior Seat (only for 49/69)????
3Custom – Bright Exterior Window Mouldings (only for 41/48)?n/an/an/a
5Air Conditioner Radiator????