1957 Buick Videos

Buick was sponsor of the ‘The Honeymooners’ with host Jackie Gleason in 1956. The last episode aired on the 22th of September. That was the end of Buicks TV sponsorship. There are 1957 Buick videos known that came from a TV series or movie.

Even the Buick Dealer Training Organization campaign was reduced to only 9 slidefilms. That might be the consequences of the decreasing car sales. 1957 was the beginning of tough years for Buick.

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1957 Buick – Purse Power

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1957 Buick - Purse Power Many households are run by women - even back in the 1950s. Buick knew that and released the slidefilm '1957 Buick - Purse Power'. It gives special selling points for their salesmen to point out the advantages of the 57 Buick to women. Title Purse Power [...]

1957 Buick – A Question of Sales

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1957 Buick - A Question of Sales Buick offered salesmen a training program for improving their sales performance. The film '1957 Buick - A Question of Sales' is about asking questions - and how important it is to ask open and the right questions - to find out what the prospect really wants. [...]

1957 Buick – Confidence Man

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1957 Buick - Confidence Man Especially the car business is about trust, car manufactures new that back in the 1950s, too. The slidefilm '1957 Buick - Confidence Man' tells Buick salesmen how to win the prospects confidence - and lastly the order. Title Confidence Man Author Buick Division of General Motors [...]

1957 Buick – Save Our Sales

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1957 Buick - Save Our Sales This film shows how team-work helps to close the deal and increase 1957 Buick sales. Title Save Our Sales Author Buick Division of General Motors Year 1957 # DOT 57-05 Duration 6min 24sec Video 40 Slides (Color) Audio Yes Related Videos [...]

1957 Buick – Step Them Up

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1957 Buick - Step Them Up The car market in 1957 was tough - Buick helped their salesmen by making the special training film '1957 Buick - Step Them Up'. It compares the 57 Buick with Plymouth, Ford and Chevrolet in the following categories: Styling, craftmanship, perfomance, ride and prestige. Title [...]

1957 Buick – Exclusively Yours

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1957 Buick - Exclusively Yours Buick for 1957 offered more than ever before in the history of Buick. The film '1957 Buick - Exclusively Yours' is about the unique selling points that only Buick provided. Learn more about car dimensions, transmission, springs and many more engineering features of the 57 Buick! [...]