1959 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

1959 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

The list of 1959 Buick Options (Optional Equipment) had over 60 different items! If you compare it with the options for the 1950 Buick you see the big difference. The progress that was made in only ten years was truly amazing! The rarest option for 59 Buick were probably the new Bucket Seats replacing the front seat which was more like a couch in today’s standards.

If you’re restoring a 59 Buick or have a survivor, you can see how it was equipped from the factory by comparing the info of the body tag with our list of 1959 Buick Optional Equipment. In combination with the car price you can also recalculate the original price!

A closer look at 1959 Buick Options & Accessories

1959 Buick Optional Equipment Overview

CodeDescriptionLe SabreInvictaElectraElectra 225
A7Twin Turbine Transmission$220.38StandardStandardStandard
A8Triple Turbine Transmission$295.63$75.25$75.25$75.25
B1Heater and Defroster$102.13$102.13$102.13$102.13
B2Heater and Defroster with Automatic Controls$118.25$118.25$118.25$118.25
CPower Steering$107.50$107.50StandardStandard
D1Sonomatic Radio with Manual Antenna$102.13$102.13$102.13$102.13
D2Sonomatic Radio with Electric Antenna$124.70$124.70$124.70$124.70
D3Wonderbar Radio with Manual Antenna$135.45$135.45$135.45$135.45
D4Wonderbar Radio with Electric Antenna$158.02$158.02$158.02$158.02
D5Transistor Portable Radio with Manual Antenna$146.20$146.20$146.20$146.20
D6Transistor Portable Radio with Electric Antenna$168.77$168.77$168.77$168.77
Electric Antenna$22.57$22.57$22.57$22.57
ERear Seat Speaker$17.20$17.20$17.20$17.20
FSafety Group (B/U Lights, Glare Proof Mirror, Prk. Brk,Signal Light, Safety Buzzer, Map Light)$34.40$34.40$34.40Standard
GWindshield Washer$19.35$19.35StandardStandard
G1Dual Speed Wipers$4.30$4.30StandardStandard
HDeluxe Steering Wheel$16.13StandardStandardStandard
I6E-Z Eye Glass$43.00$43.00$43.00$43.00
I7E-Z Eye Glass – Windshield Only$29.03$29.03$29.03$29.03
JPower Seat – 6-way$102.13 (n/a for  4411)$102.13$102.13$102.13
JPower Seat – 6/2-wayn/an/an/a$73.10
K6Foamtex Seat Cushions$22.58StandardStandardStandard
K7Instrument Panel Safety Pad (Upper)$16.13StandardStandardStandard
K8Foamtex Seat Cushions and Instrument Panel Safety Pad (Upper)$38.71StandardStandardStandard
LPower Brakes$43.00$43.00StandardStandard
M1Deluxe Wheel Covers$19.35StandardStandardn/a
M2Super Deluxe Wheel Covers$36.55$17.20$17.20Standard
N6Air Conditioner Radiator$8.39$8.39$8.39$8.39
N7Air Conditioner$430.00$430.00$430.00$430.00
N8Air Conditioner Modification$12.90$12.90$12.90$12.90
OAccessory Group (El. Clock, Trunk Light, Lic. Plate Frame)$21.50n/an/an/a
P1Custom Bright Moulding (Drip Moulding and grille ornament)$16.13n/an/an/a
P2Custom Bright Moulding (4411,4419,4435-drip molding,upper door frames, vent frame and grille ornament; 4619,4635 – upper door frames and vent frame. Drip and roof moldings standard)$40.85$40.85n/an/a
P3Custom Bright Ext. Moulding – Lower$26.88n/an/an/a
QPermanent Anti-Freeze (8,4 Qts.)$6.85$6.85n/an/a
R1Devided Rear Seat (only for 4435/4635)$37.63$37.63n/an/a
R2Junior Rear Seat (only for 4435/4635)$79.55$79.55n/an/a
R3Luggage Rack (only for 4435/4635)$99.71$99.71n/an/a
R4Opt. R1+R2 (only for 4435/4635)$117.18$117.18n/an/a
R5Opt. R1+R3 (only for 4435/4635)$137.34$137.34n/an/a
R6Opt. R2+R3 (only for 4435/4635)$179.26$179.26n/an/a
R7Opt. R1+R2+R3 (only for 4435/4635)$216.89$216.89n/an/a
SChrome Door Guards (all 2-dr models)$5.16$5.16$5.16$5.16
SChrome Door Guards (all 4-dr models)$8.60$8.60$8.60$8.60
T1White Sidewall Tires (7.60 x 15)$43.27$43.27n/an/a
T1White Sidewall Tires (8.00 x 15)n/an/a$48.00$48.00
T2Oversize W/S/W Tires (8.00 x 15) – White Side Walln/an/a$70.74n/a
T3Oversize B/S/W Tires (8.00 x 15) – Black Side Walln/an/a$22.74n/a
U6Power Ventsn/an/a$59.13$59.13
U7Power Front & Rear Windows (all but 11 & 67 body styles)$107.50$107.50$107.50$107.50
U8Opt. U6+U7 (all but 11 & 67 body styles)$166.63$166.63$166.63$166.63
VAir Ride$145.13$145.13$145.13Standard
W1Power Pack$51.60StandardStandardStandard
W2Dual Exhaust$31.18n/aStandardStandard
XAutronic Eye$49.99$49.99$49.99$49.99
YPositive-Traction Differential$53.75$53.75$53.75$53.75
ZPower Tail Gate Window (only for 4435/4635)$26.88$26.88$26.88$26.88
**Bucket Seats (incl. 2-Way Power on Driver Side, only for 4867)n/an/an/a$107.50
**Two-Tone Paint (Std. Colors)$16.13$16.13$16.13Standard
**Custom Trim (only for 4419/4437/4439)$49.45n/an/an/a