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1955 Buick Special Estate Wagon – Model 49

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Here, on an easily maneuverable 122-in. wheelbase, is Buick's famous 1955 Buick Special Estate Wagon (Model 49), in the solidity and lasting beauty of an all-steel body-and-at a new, lower price. With its great new 188-horsepower V8 engine, abundant roominess and serenely level ride, this Special Estate Wagon is your smartest buy in double-duty travelers. This model may be ordered with a split rear seat which can be folded away in sections, thus giving deeper loading space and rear seating space at the same time.

1955 Buick Special Riviera Sedan – Model 43

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It's 1955 Buick Special Riviera Sedan (Model 43), the newest thing on the road, and a beautiful new body style that will again set the pattern for years to come. It's a thrilling new Buick, with the highest horsepower in Buick history coupled to a complete new transmission, Variable Pitch Dynaflow. The horsepower in the Special powers this Buick along in a more efficient, economical, and soul-satisfying way than you have ever known in a previous model. The new Variable Pitch Dynaflow brings even more of an exciting change than the new horsepower. Swift, immediate-yet silken smooth response to accelerator pressure, makes you the easy master of the road over every traffic situation. These are only two of the sweeping 1955 Buick changes that set this thrilling automobile apart from everything on the road. There's a new Four Door Riviera coming soon to your Buick dealer's. Visit him and take a look. Your heart will do the rest.

1955 Buick Special Convertible – Model 46C

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Here, in this budget-priced 1955 Buick Special Convertible (Model 46C), are racy, lower lines of fenders and hood-new visored headlamps and taillights - Buick's High-Air Intake Ventilation and aircraft-type instrument panel. Seats are deep, wide and upholstered in beautiful cordaveen.

1955 Buick Special 2-door Sedan – Model 48

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Sports-car look of the 1955 Buick Special 2-door Sedan (Model 48) is highlighted by fully exposed wheels. Included in Special's bedrock price: Direction signals, side armrests front and rear, sliding sunshades, StepOn self-locking parking brake, heavy insulation against heat and sound.

1955 Buick Special Riviera – Model 46R

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1955 Buick Special Riviera (Model 46R) prices start just a few dollars over America's lowest. There the similarity ends. For in this lively Riviera-and in all Specials - there's high-fashion Buick beauty- solid Buick value in ride, and roominess-sparkling performance with a new 188-horsepower V8 engine.

1955 Buick Special Sedan – Model 41

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This roomy 1955 Buick Special Sedan (Model 41) comes delivered at a surprisingly low price for 1955. Your Special can be equipped with such optional Buick features as Variable Pitch Dynaflow. Buick Safety Power Steering, Improved Power Brakes, Redliner Speedometer and trip mileage indicator-even Buick's draft-free Airconditioner (in the 4-Door Sedan and Riviera).

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