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1955 Buick Century Riviera - Model 63

1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan – Model 63

Production55,088 cars
Original Baseprice$ 2,733.00
Engine322 cui Fireball V8
236 (w/Dynaflow)
330 ft-lbs (w/Dynaflow)
60.5 inches
76 inches
206.6 inches
122 inches
3,900 pounds

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Quote from Original Literature

1955 Buick Sales Brochure
One glance tells the whole thrilling story... Buick's ever-popular four-door sedan and Buick exclusive Riviera styling have been united in one delightful new style setter, the 1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan (Model 63). This is the car that America ordered-the added comfort, spaciousness, and convenience of four-door body construction with the open-air flair of hardtop styling. Buick threw away the book (and the door post) to create this sensational new automobile. There is clear, unobstructed vision all around you -sweeping expanses of panoramic openness everywhere you look. Many years went into the making of this delightful Four Door Riviera body ... many plans .. . many experiments ... and every conceivable kind of test to perfect a body with all of Buick's traditional stamina, beauty, and Million Dollar Ride. This is the dream car that ushers in a whole new era of Buick advanced styling ... the practicality of an easy-to-enter, easy-to-leave sedan combined with the thrilling beauty and sportiness of hardtop styling. What's more, these thrilling new beauties incorporate all of 1955's sensational Buick advancements-silken-smooth Variable Pitch Dynaflow, big, new horsepower highs, new riding features, bright, new colors, and luxurious new interiors, just to mention a few. We welcome you to be among the first to enjoy history in the making by driving the new Four Door Riviera!

1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan Equipment

The 1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan was a top performer of its day. But on the other hand, it was a luxury car, too – with a long option list.

Deluxe Steering Wheel
Foamtex Seat Cushions
High Air Ventilation Intake
Power Windows
Redliner Speedometer
Tubeless Tires
Wrap-Around Windshield
Easy-Eye Glass
Heater & Defroster
Power Brakes (only with Dynaflow)
Power Steering
Power Seats
Power Windows
Rear View Mirror
Safety Group (includes Back-Up Lights, Windshield Washer, Glareproof Mirror & Parking Brake Signal Light)
Selectronic Radio
Sonomatic Radio
Two-Tone Paint
Variable Pitch Dynaflow Transmission (Automatic)
Windshield Washer (Automatic)
Wheel Covers (Hubcaps)
White Wall Tires
Wire Wheels (Kelsey Hayes)

See 1955 Buick Options & Accessories for a full list with original prices.

1955 Buick Options & Accessories
  • 1955 Buick Air Conditioner

    1955 Buick Air Conditioner

    The 1955 Buick Air Conditioner caters to your comfort in many ways: It cools down a your hot 55 Buick quickly. Read more about the original system/unit!

1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan Colors

1955 Buick Colors

Buick offered 20 base colors for 1955. They could be used as solid colors, two-tone paint or even three-tone color combinations. Two-tone paint meant the roof to be painted differently; three-tone paint was only available in certain colors.

Note: Color accuracy varies by computer/device settings and depends on the actual light. See complete 1955 Buick color chart for Duco Paint numbers and three-tone color combinations.

1955 Buick Colors


Carlsbad Black

Dover White

Cameo Beige

Windsor Grey

Temple Grey

Colonial Blue

Victoria Blue

Cascade Blue

Stafford Blue

Belfast Green

Willow Green

Galway Green

Cadet Blue

Titian Red

Cherokee Red

Gulf Turquoise

Condor Yellow

Spruce Green

Nile Green

Mist Green

1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan Interior Trim Combinations

Trim #66

This is a Standard Trim.

Seat Material:
Black Pattern Nylon

Seat Facing Material:
Black Cordaveen

Bolster Material:
Ivory Cordaveen

1955 Buick Seat Material
1955 Buick Seat Facing Material
1955 Buick Bolster Material

Trim #67

This is a Standard Trim.

Seat Material:
Black Pattern Nylon

Seat Facing Material:
Red Cordaveen

Bolster Material:
Ivory Cordaveen

1955 Buick Seat Material
1955 Buick Seat Facing Material
1955 Buick Bolster Material

Trim #68

This is a Standard Trim.

Seat Material:
Green Pattern Nylon

Seat Facing Material:
Green Cordaveen

Bolster Material:
Ivory Cordaveen

1955 Buick Seat Material
1955 Buick Seat Facing Material
1955 Buick Bolster Material

Trim #69

This is a Standard Trim.

Seat Material:
Blue Pattern Nylon

Seat Facing Material:
Blue Cordaveen

Bolster Material:
Ivory Cordaveen

1955 Buick Seat Material
1955 Buick Seat Facing Material
1955 Buick Bolster Material

The 1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan had a three-tone interior – as the only model in 1955! It had different Seat Facing Material.

1955 Buick Featured Video

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1955 Buick Videos

1955 Buick Videos

The Buick Berle helped Buick to increase their sales position to #3 in the United States. That made 1955 one of the most popular year in its history.

To train Buick dealers and salesmen, the Dealer Training Organisation (DOT) released 16 issues – most of them about mechanical or sales procedures. Only the first video was created for playing in the showroom. It introduced the new model line and new features in full color – lots of beautiful images and what a great story – the “Thrill of the Year”!

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Literature covering the 1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan

Online Literature

Do you do all the work on your 1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan by your own? We’d like to support you with original mechanical manuals. Read the 1955 Buick Shop Manual and other repair manuals online!

1955 Buick Literature


Hometown Buick is based on a private collection with many rare Buick items of the 50s – including some of the rarest 1955 Buick memorabilia like the original 1955 Buick Colors and Fabrics Book / Dealer Album, Press Release or Dealer Slidefilms (DOT). Explore our collection and have fun!

1955 Buick Memorabilia

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You’d like to have a printed copy of 1955 Buick memorabilia? We offer spare items and high quality reproductions in our shop – we ship worldwide. Check them out now!

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For 1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan Owners and Enthusiasts

1955 Buick Body Tag

1955 Buick Body Tag

There is a brilliant source about your personal Buick – the Body Tag. It shows how your car was originally built by Buick. Interior, paint combinations and options – decode it now and get historical information about your 1955 Buick!

Decode 1955 Buick Body Tag

1955 Buick Registry

1955 Buick Registry

Hometown Buick is maintaining a 1955 Buick registry. Its aim is to provide you information about how often certain engineering features were ordered or which color combination was most popular in 1955. Make your contribution today and help the community by submitting your car data!

Register your 1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan

1955 Buick Configurator

1955 Buick Configurator

Today, a car configurator on manufacturers websites is a standard feature. But of course not in 1955. Hometown Buick brings both together: With the 1955 Buick Configurator you can build your individual 1955 Buick as it could have been produced. It is based on factory information to make sure everything is factory correct. Build your 1955 Buick your way!

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1955 Buick Prices

1955 Buick Prices

Worth and price always differ. But what is the right price? Hard to say. That always depends on many variables. The only thing you can – and should – do is make an online research. Start your 1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan price here.

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