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1955 Buick Century Riviera – Model 66R

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The sports-car-styled 1955 Buick Century Riviera (Model 66R) packs Buick's mightiest V8 engine-236 horsepower-on Buick's most compact wheelbase of 122 inches-and delivers just above Buick's lowest prices. Thus, the Century offers you the highest-horsepower-per-dollar of any car in America today.

1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan – Model 63

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One glance tells the whole thrilling story... Buick's ever-popular four-door sedan and Buick exclusive Riviera styling have been united in one delightful new style setter, the 1955 Buick Century Riviera Sedan (Model 63). This is the car that America ordered-the added comfort, spaciousness, and convenience of four-door body construction with the open-air flair of hardtop styling.

1955 Buick Century Sedan – Model 61

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You'll find this roomy 1955 Buick Century Sedan (Model 61) is as level-riding as it is powerful. And the thrills of handling it-especially with Variable Pitch Dynaflow- can be known only by experience. Included in Century price: Redliner Speedometer and trip mileage indicator, new gas-saving 4-Barrel Airpower Carburetor, Foamtex rubber seat cushions, and jeweled electric clock.

1955 Buick Century Convertible – Model 66C

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Stepping out with new verve in '55, this powerful 1955 Buick Century Convertible (Model 66C) has a sleek, low style look coming and going. Interiors of all Centuries are of a custom quality high above their modest cost. Windows and horizontal front-seat adjustment in the Convertible are electrically operated and its leather upholstery comes in your choice of 5 color combinations.

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