1955 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

1955 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

The year 1955 was more like optimizing the1954 Buick models. The list of 1955 Buick Optional Equipment had nothing really new on it. The list was improved so well in 1954 that 1955 was the most successful year of the decade for Buick sales! Over 700,000 cars rolled out of the assembly lines. If you want to find out how your 55 Buick was equipped, get the info from the body tag and compare it with this list!

The prices given here are the official Buick list prices. Some local dealerships made their own prices back in the 1950s. That means, if you find a piece of literature with different numbers, both can be correct. 🙂

A closer look at 1955 Buick Options & Accessories

  • 1955 Buick Air Conditioner

1955 Buick Air Conditioner

1955 Buick Optional Equipment Overview

AVariable Pitch Dynaflow Transmission$192.50$192.50$192.50Standard
BHeater & Defroster$81.70$81.70$81.70$81.70
CPower Steering$107.50Standard$107.50Standard
DSonomatic Radio with Manual Antenna$92.50$92.50$92.50$92.50
ESelectronic Radio with Manual Antenna$122.60$122.60$122.60$122.60
FSafety Group (B/U-Lights, Windshield Washer, Glare Proof Mirror, Prk Brake Signal Light)$32.30$32.30$32.30Standard
GAutomatic Windshield Washer$9.70$9.70$9.70Standard
HDeluxe Steering Wheel$15.10StandardStandardStandard
IEasy Eye Glass$32.30$32.30$32.30$32.30
JDrive Out????
KFoamtex Seat Cushions$23.70StandardStandardStandard
LPower Brakes$38.70$38.70$38.70$38.70
MAccessory Group (Wheel Covers, El. Clock, Trunk Light, License Plate Frame)$37.70n/an/an/a
MWheel Coversn/a$12.90$12.90Standard
NAir Conditioner (only for Rivieras and 4-dr-Sedans)$591.30$591.30$591.30$591.30
OSonomatic Radio with Electric Antenna$114.00$114.00$114.00$114.00
PSelectronic Radio with Electric Antenna$144.10$144.10$144.10$144.10
QWhite Wall Tires$28.60$31.20$31.20$34.40
ROversize Tires$14.00n/an/an/a
SPower Seat Adjuster (2-way)n/a$45.20 (only for 56C)$45.20 (only for 66C)$45.20 (only for 76C/76R)
SPower Seat Adjuster (4-way)$69.90 (n/a for 48D)$69.90$69.90$69.90
TWire Wheels (5)$317.20$317.20$317.20$317.20
UPower Windows (Front and Rear)$96.80$96.80 (std on 56C)n/a (std on 66C)$96.80 (std on 76C/76R)
WRed Liner Instrument Group$10.75n/aStandardn/a
ZSpecial Car Order????