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1954 Buick Special Sedan – Model 41D

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The 1954 Buick Special Sedan (Model 41D) is new from stem to stern, inside and out, frontwards, backwards and sideways. And how the public loves it! The complete story is in a bigger, roomier body with lowered rooflines, rich new interiors, brand-new instrument panels with aircraft-type controls. It's in longer wheelbases, a new front suspension, a new stability in taking turns, and a whole list of features that better the Million Dollar Ride. It's in styling completely fresh and new that brings a sports-car look to the low-price field.

1954 Buick Special 2-door Sedan – Model 48D

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As you look at it, you can see a lot of what makes this new 1954 Buick Special 2-door Sedan (Model 48D) so sensational. You can see the long, low, sleek and ultra-glamorous lines that add up to the biggest automotive styling change in years. You can see the remarkable new windshield with the back-swept corners- greatest visibility improvement since closed cars came on the market.The spectacular power of this Special's brand-new V8 engine. The honest six passenger roominess. The truly modern interior luxury. The superb new handling ease. The sublime comfort of Buick's famed Million Dollar Ride - now steadied even more by a newly developed front-end geometry.

1954 Buick Roadmaster Riviera – Model 76R

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A fine car is more than merely a means of fine travel. It is, as the psychologists tell us, an extension of a man's own personality. It reflects what you feel, what you like, what you are. So we ask you to take the wheel of a 1954 Buick Roadmaster Riviera - Model 76R - for it is, we have found, the automobile chosen more and more by those who are definitely moving ahead in the world. You will find it a car that fairly breathes success. You will find it, too, a car of luxurious command, where you take immediate mastery of the road and of distance. And you know it-in the silken whip of Twin-Turbine Dynaflow, the might of Buick's greatest horsepower, the magic cushioning of coil springs on all four wheels, the exhilarating ease of Safety Power Steering at your hand. But with all this, you buy with prudence when you buy a Roadmaster. For - though it is, and looks, custom production - it sells for the lowest price-per-pound in the fine-car field.

1954 Buick Super Sedan – Model 52

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When you take the 1954 Buick Super Sedan, Model 52, you take brand-new beauty, truly broad seats, sparkling new performance and value that's a beacon light in the medium-price field. Here you get long, low style lines the whisper and wallop of a great 182-horsepower Fireball V8 engine with Twin-Turbine Dynaflow-the superbly gentle Million Dollar Ride-the deep comfort of spacious room, all-around visibility, feather-light handling-plus a host of the many new Buick advances for 1954-all for the modest price that sets the Super as a car apart in its medium-price class. New from its far quieter tires to its rain-deflecting roof rail covers, the Super is a thrilling new experience in travel and comfort - and a buy on every count.

1954 Buick Super Riviera – Model 56R

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Dashing distinction is a major keynote in the 1954 Buick Super Riviera - Model 56R. As you can see in this view of this high-fashion beauty, the whole sweep of it lines seems to lend motion to the car even at standstill. But with this new beauty goes superb new performance, new comfort, new visibility, and new interior luxury.

1954 Buick Century Sedan – Model 61

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Pretty Soft for Performance Lovers is the comfort of the dazzling Century Sedan's interior. Here, rich nylon fabric over buoyant foam-rubber seat cushion put color and comfort on a par with the performance of 1954 Buick Century Sedan - Model 61.

1954 Buick Century Riviera – Model 66R

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Swing-Away Doors and Tilt-Away Front Seats insure far more ease in entering and leaving the spacious interior of the 1954 Buick Century Riviera - Model 66R. Note the reverse-slant front pillars that permit an extra-wide sweep in the panoramic windshield.

1954 Buick Century Convertible – Model 66C

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Outstanding performance and luxury are combined in the 1954 Buick Century Convertible (Model 66C). The sloping door-belt line and the fully-exposed rear wheel give the Century convertible the graceful beauty and raciness of sports car styling with big car comfort and roominess. Mounted on a 122-inch wheelbase, the Century is powered by a 200-horsepower high compression V-8 engine, and boasts one of the highest power-to-weight ratios of any car on the market. The interior is luxuriously trimmed in genuine leather with power windows and power front seat as standard equipment.

1954 Buick Special Convertible – Model 46C

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Bold And Rakish Beauty On The Inside matches the dash and verve of the swift-lined 1954 Buick Special Convertible – Model 46C. Note the rich harmony of colors in fabrics and finish. The smartly tailored seats carry six persons - and even more comfortably, thanks to the better -balanced Million Dollar Ride. Note, too, in the exterior view below, the sports car touch of full rear-wheel opening.

1954 Buick Super Convertible – Model 56C

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The sparkle of the 1954 Buick Super Convertible (Model 56C) extends well beyond its gay and graceful dress. It's in the action of its great 182-hp V8 engine of 8.5 to 1 compression ratio. It's in the richness of its magnificent ride. It's in the very quality of its Buick craft mans hip - the solidity of it heavier frame, the added jewels in the electric clock, the horizontal sweep of its new Redliner Speedometer. Literally, the Super is the superlative value in the medium-price field.

1954 Buick Skylark Convertible – Model 100

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This is the Buick for those with a boundless zest for automotive adventure. This is the spirit-lifting 1954 Buick Skylark Convertible (Model 100) - Buicks luxury sports car-with flight-designed lines, with road-snugging compactness, with the corsair-sweep of a finned rear deck-and with pulse -pounding performance second to no Buick ever built. Rich with many of the tomorrow features of Buick's experimental car, the Wildcat-the Skylark stands just four feet, 11 inches high with the top up, is lavishly fitted with soft-tanned choice cowhide in four gorgeous color combinations, rolls on a low wire-wheeled 122-inch chassis. As you would expect, this scintillating sportster is in limited production. As you would also expect, it has the mighty 200 -horsepower Fireball V8 engine, Airpower Carburetor, 8.5 to 1 compression ratio, Twin-Turbine Dynaflow, Buick Safety Power Steering-plus, as additional standard equipment, Power Brakes, 4-way Power Seat, power-operated top and windows and telescopic antenna, Easy-Eye Glass, Selectronic Radio, Weather-Warden Heater and Defroster, and whitewall tires.

1954 Buick Special Riviera – Model 46R

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This stunning hardtop is the low-cost 1954 Buick Special Riviera (Model 46R) - just a few dollars more than similar models of the low-price three. You see a big reason when you see the tomorrow styling that is Buick today glamorous, dream-car styling that you know is the pattern for others to follow in the years to come. You learn another reason when you drive this beauty-when you feel that wealth of thrilling V8 power, that wondrous Million Dollar Ride, that superb new surety of control and handling. You get the final reason when you price a Buick. For you find Buick prices are closer to the lowest than you thought- close enough for you to afford a new Buick if you can afford any new car. And today's sales figures prove it. So come in this week-look at, drive and price a Buick. You'll find it a beauty any way you judge. You'll learn it gives you a whale of a lot more automobile for your money. And you'll see it's the car that puts you way ahead in style, room, comfort and power today - and way ahead at trade-in time tomorrow. That's for sure.

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