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1954 Buick Roadmaster Riviera – Model 76R

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A fine car is more than merely a means of fine travel. It is, as the psychologists tell us, an extension of a man's own personality. It reflects what you feel, what you like, what you are. So we ask you to take the wheel of a 1954 Buick Roadmaster Riviera - Model 76R - for it is, we have found, the automobile chosen more and more by those who are definitely moving ahead in the world. You will find it a car that fairly breathes success. You will find it, too, a car of luxurious command, where you take immediate mastery of the road and of distance. And you know it-in the silken whip of Twin-Turbine Dynaflow, the might of Buick's greatest horsepower, the magic cushioning of coil springs on all four wheels, the exhilarating ease of Safety Power Steering at your hand. But with all this, you buy with prudence when you buy a Roadmaster. For - though it is, and looks, custom production - it sells for the lowest price-per-pound in the fine-car field.

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