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1954 Buick Century Sedan – Model 61

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Pretty Soft for Performance Lovers is the comfort of the dazzling Century Sedan's interior. Here, rich nylon fabric over buoyant foam-rubber seat cushion put color and comfort on a par with the performance of 1954 Buick Century Sedan - Model 61.

1954 Buick Century Riviera – Model 66R

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Swing-Away Doors and Tilt-Away Front Seats insure far more ease in entering and leaving the spacious interior of the 1954 Buick Century Riviera - Model 66R. Note the reverse-slant front pillars that permit an extra-wide sweep in the panoramic windshield.

1954 Buick Century Convertible – Model 66C

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Outstanding performance and luxury are combined in the 1954 Buick Century Convertible (Model 66C). The sloping door-belt line and the fully-exposed rear wheel give the Century convertible the graceful beauty and raciness of sports car styling with big car comfort and roominess. Mounted on a 122-inch wheelbase, the Century is powered by a 200-horsepower high compression V-8 engine, and boasts one of the highest power-to-weight ratios of any car on the market. The interior is luxuriously trimmed in genuine leather with power windows and power front seat as standard equipment.

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