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1954 Buick New Car Meeting Kit

This is a special message for all Buick salesman from the General Sales Manager of Buick Motor Division, Mr. Al Belfie. He’s going to speak by means of a special transcription made in Flint.

Additional films mentioned in this slideshow:
1953 Buick – DOT 12 – The Greatest Buicks in 50 Great Years
1954 Buick – DOT 54-01 – Buick – The Beautiful Buy
1954 Buick – DOT 54-02 – The Why and How of a New Car Make Ready
1954 Buick – DOT 54-03 – How to Deliver a New Buick

Title1954 Buick New Car Meeting Kit
AuthorBuick Division of General Motors
Duration4min 53sec
Video18 Slides (Color)

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