1954 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

1954 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

This is the official list of 1954 Buick Options (Optional Equipment). It was published on the new car ordering sheet for Buick salesmen. We’ve added the prices from various sources. Most dealerships had different local prices. In this case, we’ve decided to show the original Buick list price.

Power was the trend for 1954: Even the cheaper models of the Special series could be equipped with Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows, Power Seats and Power Antenna. On Convertibles, the top could be operated hydraulically, too. The most expensive option was of course the Buick Air Conditioner. Today, finding a car with this option is like the search of the needle in the haystack!

A closer look at 1954 Buick Options & Accessories

  • 1954 Buick Power Steering

1954 Buick Power Steering

1954 Buick Optional Equipment Overview

ADynaflow Transmission$192.50$192.50$192.50StandardStandard
BHeater & Defroster$81.70$81.70$81.70$81.70Standard
CPower Steering$134.40$134.40$134.40StandardStandard
DSonomatic Radio with Manual Antenna$92.50$92.50$92.50$92.50n/a
ESelectronic Radio with Manual Antenna$122.60$122.60$122.60$122.60Standard
FSafety Group (B/U-Lights, Windshield Washer, Glare Proof Mirror, Prk Brake Signal Light)$32.30$32.30$32.30StandardStandard
GWindshield Washer$9.70$9.70$9.70StandardStandard
HFlexible Spoke Steering Wheel$15.10StandardStandardStandardStandard
IEasy Eye Glass$32.30$32.30$32.30$32.30Standard
KFoamtex Seat Cushions$23.70StandardStandardStandardStandard
LPower Brakesn/a$49.50$49.50$49.50Standard
MAccessory Group (Wheel Covers, El. Clock, Trunk Light, License Plate Frame)$37.70n/an/an/an/a
MWheel Coversn/a$12.90$12.90Standardn/a
NAir Conditioner$594.00 (only for 41D)$594.00 (only for 52/56R)$594.00 (only for 61)$594.00 (only 72R/76R)n/a
OSonomatic Radio with Electric Antenna$111.80$111.80$111.80$111.80n/a
PSelectronic Radio with Electric Antenna$141.90$141.90$141.90$141.90Standard
QWhite Wall Tires$42.70$42.70$42.70$46.20Standard
RPower Windows (Front only)$49.50 (n/a for 48D)$49.50$49.50$49.50n/a
SPower Seats (2-way)$45.20$45.20$45.20 (std on 66C)$45.20 (std on 76C/76R)n/a
SPower Seats (4-way)$69.90 (n/a for 48D)$69.90$69.90$69.90Standard
TWire Wheels (5)$317.20$317.20$317.20$317.20Standard
UPower Windows (Front and Rear)n/a$96.80 (only for 52)n/a (std on 66C)$96.80 (only for 72R, std on 76C/76R)Standard
YLow Compression Engine?????
ZSpecial Car Order?????