1954 Buick Production

1954 Buick Production

444,609 cars

The model year 1954 was the shortest one of all in the 1950s. It started in January 1954. In November, 1954 the new 55 Buick came into the showrooms. Please keep this in mind if you look at the 1954 Buick Production Facts & Figures. Model year production is not equal to calendar year production. For all further years, the model year period started in November and ended in October.

1954 was year full of change: Buick not only offered the well-known Special, Super & Roadmaster Series. The Century Series celebrated its comeback. It shared the body of the lower Special Series, but with more standard features and the biggest engine of the Roadmaster models. For the first time, a V8 engine was standard for all models.

1954 Buick Production Overview – Series

1954 Buick Special
1954 Buick Super
1954 Buick Century
1954 Buick Roadmaster

1954 Buick Production Overview

ModelModel CodeFisher Body CodeOriginal
Base Price
Special Series (40)
1954 Buick Special 4-door Sedan41D54-4469D$2,26570,356
1954 Buick Special 2-door Convertible46C54-4467TX$2,5636,135
1954 Buick Special 2-door Riviera46R54-4437$2,30571,186
1954 Buick Special 2-door Sedan48D54-4411D$2,20741,557
1954 Buick Special 4-door Estate Wagon4954-4481$3,1631,650
Super Series (50)
1954 Buick Super 4-door Sedan5254-4519$2,71141,756
1954 Buick Super 2-door Convertible56C54-4567X$2,9643,343
1954 Buick Super 2-door Riviera56R54-4537$2,62673,531
Century Series (60)
1954 Buick Century 4-door Sedan6154-4669$2,52031,919
1954 Buick Century 2-door Convertible66C54-4667X$2,9632,790
1954 Buick Century 2-door Riviera66R54-4637$2,53445,710
1954 Buick Century 4-door Estate Wagon6954-4681$3,4701,563
Roadmaster Series (70)
1954 Buick Roadmaster 4-door Sedan72R54-4719$3,26926,862
1954 Buick Roadmaster 2-door Convertible76C54-4767X$3,5213,305
1954 Buick Roadmaster 2-door Riviera76R54-4737X$3,37320,404
Skylark Model (100)
1954 Buick Skylark 2-door Convertible10054-4667SX$4,483836
Total production444,609

1954 Buick Production Statistics

Here are some quick facts about the 1954 Buick Production run:


% Special Series


% Super Series


% Century Series


% Roadmaster Series


% Skylark Model


% Sedans


% Estate Wagons


% Coupes


% Convertibles