1954 Buick Videos

There are several 1954 Buick Videos which can be divided in three categories:

Slidefilms. The Buick Dealer Training Organization published as many videos as never before. The first video is the new model introduction showing the cars and features in full color. It’s THE 1954 Buick Video to watch! It was optimized for prospects, too.

TV sponsorship. The coop with Milton Berle was continued. The ‘Buick Berle Show’ aired tuesday at 8:00–9:00 pm on NBC.

TV commercials. Buick shows TV ads in the commercial brakes of the Buick Berle show. One is telling the advantages of the new wraparound windshield. Another one introduces the new 1954 Buick Special 2-door Sedan, the cheapest 54 Buick. One of our favorite 1954 Buick videos is about the Thrill of the Month Club”, is showing the 1954 Buick Century Convertible. Great footage!

1954 Buick – Closing the Deal

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1954 Buick - Closing the Deal This film '1954 Buick - Closing the Deal' shows salesmen how to close orders quickly and properly. Actual selling situations, with suggested conversations for the salesman, are presented. Title Closing the Deal Author Buick Division of General Motors Year 1954 # DOT 54-21 Duration 25min [...]

1954 Buick – Your Own Proving Ground

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1954 Buick - Your Own Proving Ground This film '1954 Buick - Your Own Proving Ground' on road demonstrations shows salesmen how to select a planned demonstration route and how to develop a demonstration procedure. The presentation emphasizes the best way to sell a superior product like Buick is to demonstrate its superiority. [...]

1954 Buick – Your Tell-and-Sell Presentation

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1954 Buick - Your Tell-and-Sell Presentation The slidefilm '1954 Buick - Your Tell-and-Sell Presentation' is a restatement of the fundamentals of Buick product presentation, grouping them as six main points that should be covered during every presentation. Emphasis is put on the importance of making as complete a presentation as practical to every [...]

1954 Buick – What are Your prospects?

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1954 Buick - What are Your prospects? This release of the Buick Dealer Organization Training called '1954 Buick - What are Your prospects?' expands on that part of the Daily Sales Procedure dealing with prospecting. It shows the individual salesman how he can multiply his prospecting efforts and amplify the prospecting effectiveness of [...]

1954 Buick – Salesmasters are Timemasters

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1954 Buick - Salesmasters are Timemasters The film '1954 Buick - Salesmasters are Timemasters' shows how the Daily Sales Procedure program can be developed into a logical Full Day's Work by good planning of working time. It is designed to help improve selling performance in the dealership. Title Salesmasters are Timemasters [...]

1954 Buick – The Beautiful Buy

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1954 Buick - Buick - The Beautiful Buy A presentation of the 1954 Buick line in full color, designed for showing to salesmen and for salesmen, tn turn, to show to prospects. it captures in vivid style the spirit of advanced design, engineering, and craftsmanship of Buick, the Beautiful Buy! This slidefilm is [...]

1954 Buick New Car Meeting Kit

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1954 Buick New Car Meeting Kit This is a special message for all Buick salesman from the General Sales Manager of Buick Motor Division, Mr. Al Belfie. He's going to speak by means of a special transcription made in Flint. Additional films mentioned in this slideshow: 1953 Buick – DOT 12 – The [...]