Removal of 1959 Buick Cylinder Head

  1. Drain the radiator and 1959 Buick cylinder block.
  2. Remove air cleaner and silencer, then disconnect all pipes and hoses from carburetor and intake manifold.
  3. Disconnect wires from accelerator vacuum switch, remove coil, remove throttle return spring, disconnect equalizer shaft bracket from engine.
  4. Remove intake manifold and carburetor as an assembly. Remove manifold gaskets.
  5. When removing RIGHT cylinder head; (1) remove oil gauge rod, (2) disconnect Dynaflow filler pipe bracket from head, (3) remove generator mounting bracket, ( 4) remove air conditioning compressor, if present.

When removing LEFT cylinder head; (1) disconnect temperature gauge tube, (2) remove power steering gear pump with mounting bracket, if present, and move it out of the way with hoses attached.

  1. Disconnect wires from spark plugs.
  2. Disconnect water manifold from both 1959 Buick cylinder heads and disconnect exhaust manifold from head to be removed.
  3. With air hose and cloths, clean dirt off 1959 Buick cylinder head and adjacent area to avoid getting dirt into engine. It is extremely important to avoid getting dirt into the hydraulic valve lifters.
  4. Remove rocker arm cover and remove rocker arm and shaft assembly from 1959 Buick cylinder head. Lift out push rods.

NOTE : Due to the close clearances in the engine compartment it is necessary to leave some of the bolts and push rods in the head during removal. The push rods should be pulled up and taped in position while 1959 Buick cylinder head is being removed. These same parts must be in the head during installation.

  1. Slightly loosen all cylinder head bolts then remove bolts and lift off the 1959 Buick cylinder head. Remove gasket.
  2. With 1959 Buick cylinder head on bench, remove all spark plugs for cleaning and to avoid damage during work on the head.

Reconditioning 1959 Buick Valves and Guides

  1. Place 1959 Buick cylinder head on Holding Fixture J 5251 with valve springs straight up. Compress valve springs with fixture lever and remove the spring cap keys, then remove the springs and caps. See figure 2-16.
    1959 Buick Removing Valve in Holding Fixture J 5251

    1959 Buick Removing Valve in Holding Fixture J 5251

  2. Carefully roll 1959 Buick cylinder head away from holding fixture until one edge rests on bench, then remove valves. Place valves in a stick with numbered holes to keep them in order for reinstallation in original positions.
  3. Scrape all carbon from combustion chambers, piston heads, and valves. Clean all carbon and gum deposits from valve guide bores. When using scrapers or wire brushes for removing carbon, avoid scratching valve seats and valve faces.
  4. Inspect valve faces and seats for pits, burned spots or other evidences of poor seating. If a valve head must be ground until the outer edge is sharp in order to true up the face, discard the valve because the sharp edge will run too hot.
  5. Check fit of valve stems in guides. If clearance is excessive replace the guides, as follows:
    • Remove center cross bar from Holding Fixture J 5251, place 1959 Buick cylinder head in fixture so that inlet port side rests against the fixture lower bar, then drive guides out from combustion chamber side using Driver J 269. See figure 2-17.