1-1 1950 Buick Lubricare – EVERY 1000 MILES-CHASSIS AND BODY

Chassis Lubricare

  1. Engine. Check engine oil level after allowing time for oil to drain down ( 5 min.) . The oil level should be maintained at all times within 1 quart of the “Full” arrow, or not lower than the middle hole in gauge rod. The lower or “Add Oil” arrow on gauge rod is a danger mark and not a working level. The space between arrows on gauge rod represents 2 quarts. See figure 1-2.
    1950 Buick Markings on Engine Oil Gauge Rod

    1950 Buick Markings on Engine Oil Gauge Rod

See paragraph 1-7 for engine oil recommendations and when to change oil.

  1. Front Suspension, Brake, Clutch and Transmission Controls. Wipe dirt from lubrication fittings, then apply a good grade of water­ resistant chassis lubricant, under pressure, at the following points (fig. 1-1):