Air Cleaner Service

An air cleaner with a dirty element, or with oil that is dirty, too heavy, or too high in the sump, will restrict the air flow to the carburetor and cause a rich mixture at all speeds. The device will not properly remove dirt from the air and the dirt entering the engine will cause abnormal formation of carbon, sticking valves, and wear of piston rings and cylinder bores.

Regular cleaning of the element and sump and filling sump with clean oil at 5000-mile intervals, or more frequently in dusty territory, is necessary to prevent excessive engine wear and abnormal fuel consumption. The procedure for cleaning and refilling the air cleaner is given under Lubricare Instructions, paragraph 1-2.

Cleaning Fuel Pump Gasoline Filter

The bowl and strainer on the lower end of fuel pump collects dirt and water which should be cleaned out periodically, at least twice a year.

  1. Use Z-shaped Wrench KMO 655 to remove screw and gasket then remove bowl, gasket, and strainer from lower end of fuel pump. See figure 3-6.
    1950 Buick Fuel Pump Gasoline Filter-Disassembled

    1950 Buick Fuel Pump Gasoline Filter-Disassembled

  2. Wash strainer and sediment bowl in Bendix Metalclene or its equivalent, to remove all traces of dirt and gum, then rinse in kerosene, distillate, or white gasoline. Gently blow through strainer with air hose.
  3. Use new bowl and screw gaskets when reinstalling strainer and bowl, to insure against gasoline leakage. Tighten bowl screw securely.

Cleaning Gasoline Filter

The gasoline filter located at carburetor inlet collects dirt and water. The bowl and strainer should be removed and cleaned whenever bowl shows an accumulation of water or sediment, or at least twice a year.

Swing wire bail aside and unscrew the glass bowl; remove spring, strainer and gasket. Wash strainer and bowl in Bendix Metalclene or its equivalent, and rinse in kerosene, distillate, or white gasoline. Direct air stream against inside surface of strainer to force dirt from outside surface.

When re-installing strainer, spring and bowl use a new neoprene gasket. See figure 3-7. The combination cork and neoprene gasket must not be used with filter having a screw type bowl.