General Information

  1. As a safety precaution, DO NOT OPERATE THE TOP UP OR DOWN WHILE CAR IS IN MOTION. After raising the top, make sure it is securely locked to the windshield header before starting the car.
  2. Do not obstruct the mechanical operation of the top.
  3. Do not place miscellaneous objects such as golf clubs, luggage, etc., in the folding top compartment.
  4. To prevent water stains, mildew or possible shrinkage of the top material, do not keep the top folded for a long period of time if it is damp or water-soaked.
  5. Do not paste advertising stickers, gummed labels or masking tape on the plastic rear window. The adhesive used on such items is difficult to remove and may be injurious to the plastic composition of the window.
  6. Allow plastic rear window and top material to become warm and pliable before attempting to operate top in temperatures below 50° Fahrenheit.”
  7. After raising the rear window, be sure to engage the top flaps into the valance along the slides of the rear window opening. This operation is performed from outside the car.
  8. In some cases, the rear window can be lowered and raised much easier if the top is raised slightly above the windshield header to relieve the tension on the back curtain zipper.

Care of Rear Window

The back curtain in the Convertible Coupe is provided with a large pliable plastic window. Due to the texture of the plastic window, it is susceptible to scratches and abrasions; therefore, when cleaning the window, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. To remove superficial dust, do not use a dry cloth. Use a SOFT COTTON CLOTH MOISTENED WITH WATER and wipe crosswise of the window.
  2. To wash the rear window, use cold or tepid (not hot) water and a mild neutral soap suds. After the washing, rinse with clear water and wipe with a slightly moistened clean soft cloth.
    CAUTION: Never use solvents such as alcohol or volatile cleaning agents on the plastic window. These liquids may have a deteriorating effect on the plastic and if spilled, may spot the painted finish on the body panels.
  3. When removing frost, snow or ice from the plastic window, DO NOT USE A SCRAPER. In an emergency, warm water may be used. Use care that the warm water does not contact the glass windows or windshield.

Cleaning the 1959 Buick Convertible Top

The top should be washed frequently with neutral soap suds, lukewarm water and a brush with soft bristles. Rinse top with sufficient quantities of clear water to remove all traces of soap.

If the top requires additional cleaning after using soap and water, a mild foaming cleanser can be used. Rinse the whole top with water, then apply a mild foaming type cleanser on an area of approximately two square feet. Scrub area with a small soft bristle hand brush, adding water as necessary until the cleanser foams to a soapy consistency. Remove the first accumulated soilage with a cloth or sponge before it can be ground into the top material. Apply additional cleanser to the area and scrub until the top is clean. Care must be exercised to keep the cleanser from running onto body finish as it may cause streaks if allowed to run down and dry. After the entire top has been cleaned, rinse the top generously with clear water to remove all traces of cleanser. If desired, the top can be supported from the underside during the scrubbing operations.

After cleaning always be sure the top is thoroughly dry before it is lowered. Lowering the top while it is still wet or damp may cause mildew and unsightly wrinkles.

Do not use volatile cleaners or household bleaching agents on the top material.