1958 Buick Engines In Each Series

The 1958 Buick Fireball V-8 engines used in all series are of the same basic design, differing only in compression ratio, power, carburetor equipment and intake and exhaust manifolds. An important feature is the interchangeability of almost all parts. All series use the same basic engine with a bore of 4.125″, a stroke of 3.4″ and piston displacement of 364 cubic inches. The 1958 Buick Synchromesh engine (Series 40) is equipped with a cast iron flywheel for clutch application and the engines used with the Dynaflow transmission have a steel flywheel for torque converter application.

The following variations are used to adapt the basic design to the various series and transmission applications.

  • 1958 Buick Series 40 Engines. These engines are equipped with 2-port intake manifolds and 2- barrel carburetors.

The Synchromesh engine has a compression ratio of 8.0 to 1 and the Flight Pitch and Variable Pitch Dynaflow engines have compression ratios of 9.5 to 1. The lower ratio of the Synchromesh engine is obtained by using pistons having different dome heights. Both engines use steel cylinder head gaskets .015” thick.

  • 1958 Buick Series 50-60-70-700 Engines. These engines are equipped with 4-port manifolds and 4-barrel carburetors.

Synchromesh is not available on Series 50-60-70-700 cars. The engine used has a compression ratio of 10 to 1. This engine also uses .015″ steel head gaskets.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some 50-60-70-700 engine s built for use in hilly country, where the anti-knock quality of gasoline occasionally is below normal, are equipped with 9.5 to 1 compression ratio pistons. Engines so equipped are identified with a letter” X” stamped as a prefix to the production code number.

1958 Buick Engine and Transmission Mountings

  • The 1958 Buick engine and transmission assembly is supported in the frame on three synthetic rubber pads. One mounting pad is located on each side of the engine near the front end and approximately midway between top and bottom of the cylinder crankcase. The mounting pads are fastened between the crankcase and the cross member at front end of car frame. The front mountings are designed to support the weight of the 1958 Buick engine and control its torsional characteristics. See figure 2-2.
    1958 Buick Front Engine Mounting

    1958 Buick Front Engine Mounting

  • Synchromesh and Variable Pitch Dynaflow mountings. The rear (transmission) mountings of synchromesh and variable pitch Dynaflow equipped cars are composed of two parts-a mounting pad to support part of the weight of the 1958 Buick engine and transmission assembly and a thrust pad to take the drive thrust from the rear wheels. The mounting pad is located between the transmission rear bearing retainer and the transmission support. The thrust pad is located between the rear edge of transmission support and a thrust plate extended downward from the rear bearing retainer. See Figure 2-3.