1952 Buick Specifications

1952 Buick Specifications



Changes from previously published instructions are as follows:

  1. Distributor Cam (5,000 miles) Work a small amount of M-1172 high temperature ball bearing grease (available through United Motors Service) into a clean cloth, then hold cloth against distributor cam while it is rotating. CAUTION: Excessive grease may throw off into contact points when hot. Petroleum jelly is not suitable for temperature reached by distributor cam.

This applies to past models also.

  1. Clutch and Brake Pedal Linkage Pins. (1000 miles) Lubricate with engine oil.

This applies to past models also.

  1. Horn Cable Connector. (5,000 miles) Pull out plunger of horn cable connector on steering column jacket and apply a small amount of Lubriplate. Work plunger in and out to work lubricant in between plunger and the bakelite insulator.

This applies to past models also.

  1. Rear Axle. Capacity reduced to three pints due to relocation of filler plug.

1952 Models only.

  1. Steering Gear. Check for proper lubricant level changed from 5,000 miles to 1,000 miles.

May be applied to past models also.

  1. Power Steering Gear, 1952 Series70. (1,000miles) Clean adjacent area, then remove gear housing filler plug with vent. Add lubricant only as required to bring level to bottom of filler opening, using Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricant as specified for Synchromesh transmissions. Do not use pressure to fill housing because lubricant may be forced into hydraulic system. Seasonal or periodic change of lubricant is unnecessary.

Clean adjacent area, then remove the reservoir filler plug, wipe off the attached gauge rod and insert rod in reservoir with plug seated on edge of filler opening. Remove plug and check oil level, which should be at mark on rod. Add oil specified for Dynaflow transmission to bring oil level to mark on rod.



The following are starting 1952 Engine and Serial Numbers:


Series 40 Synchromesh – 6646232-4
Series 40 Dynaflow – 6646230-4
Series 50 Synchromesh – 6647024-5
Series 50 Dynaflow – 6646230-5
Series 70 (with standard steering) – 6652000-7
Series 70 (with power steering) – 6652220-7


Flint – 16436001
Southgate – 26456001
Linden – 36464001
Kansas City – 46471001
Wilmington – 56483001
Atlanta – 66490001
Framingham – 76696001