We have recently received complaints of a metallic rattle in the steering column jacket, just below the wheel, when the car is driven over rough pavement. This rattle is usually caused by loose lower thrust and plain washers at the base of the shift control lever housing due to excessive end play in the transmission control shaft. The position of these washers can be seen in Figure 4-18, page 4-14 of the 1950 Buick Shop Manual and the following correction is applicable to both synchromesh and Dynaflow jobs:

  1. Remove the steering wheel, signal switch housing, shift control lever and control lever housing, in that order.
  2. Remove the lower thrust (fibre) and plain (metal) washers from the transmission control shaft.
  3. Install additional Group 4.017, Part No. 1317523, fibre thrust washers, as required to remove end play ln the transmission control shaft, below the washers removed in Step #2.
  4. Replace washers removed in Step #2.
  5. Reassemble in reverse order of Step #1.




Approximately June 20th the steering shaft and related parts on all Series 40 jobs were reduced 3/4″ in length to provide improved vision. Parts affected by this change are the steering gear assembly, steering shaft, steering column jacket, transmission control shaft assembly, transmission selector control rod and horn cable connector. Group and part numbers for all redesigned parts will be listed in the July 1st Supplement to the 1951 Chassis and Body Parts List.

As of bulletin publication date, effective serial numbers relating to this change were not available. Consequently, if any of the above mentioned assemblies require replacement on late production Series 40 cars, they should be measured to provide positive identification before parts are ordered.

A redesigned Series 40 steering column bracket went into production approximately one month ago and also serves to reduce steering wheel height. This new bracket, which will also be listed in the July 1st. Parts List Supplement, will continue to be used on cars produced after the steering column length change went into effect.

Positive identification of jobs having this modification can now be made from the following effective serial numbers:

Flint- 16251280 SM; 16251063 Dyn
South Gate – 26256840 SM; 26257103 Dyn
Linden- 36261470 SM; 36261150 Dyn
Kansas City- 46266537 SM; 46266360 Dyn
Wilmington- 56273157 SM; 56272852 Dyn
Atlanta- 66276551 SM After; 66276551 Dyn
Framingham- 76279474 SM; 76279484 Dyn