It is not necessary to remove the 1955 Buick rear axle assembly for any of the repairs outlined in this section; however, these procedures can be used as outlined if the assembly is removed from the car.

The 1955 Buick rear axle assembly should be removed from the car before overhaul if there is external indication of damage to rear axle or third member housings or strut rods, or if oil is leaking at torque ball or third member flanged joints. These conditions cannot be corrected with the 1955 Buick rear axle assembly under the car.

Removal of 1955 Buick Rear Axle Assembly

  1. Place car stands solidly under frame so that rear end of car is high enough to permit working underneath.
  2. Disconnect parking brake cable at rear brake cable sheave and at bracket on torque tube. Disconnect brake hose from pipe at frame X member and remove retainer. Cover hose and brake pipe openings to prevent entrance of dirt.
  3. Disconnect torque tube from torque ball by removing bolts at flange.
  4. Disconnect links from shock absorber arms and disconnect radius rod at axle end.
  5. Disconnect lower ends of rear springs.
  6. Hoist rear end of car high enough to roll 1955 Buick rear axle assembly out from under car.

Installation of 1955 Buick Rear Axle Assembly

  1. Check universal joint torque ball for evidence of oil leakage and for wear of universal joint bushing. Note whether torque ball has proper tension as specified in paragraph 4-12.
  2. Check propeller shaft seal for oil leaks or damage. Cement a new gasket to torque tube front flange. See figure 6-2.
    1955 Buick Propeller Shaft Seal

    1955 Buick Propeller Shaft Seal

  3. Roll 1955 Buick rear axle assembly under car, then rest car solidly on stands placed under frame, with rear end of car high enough to permit working underneath.
  4. Carefully move axle assembly into place, guiding propeller shaft and torque tube to proper alignment. Work rear wheels to align and engage propeller shaft and universal joint splines.
  5. Connect torque tube to universal joint torque ball with bolts and lock washers.
  6. Connect rear springs to rear axle assembly and connect links to shock absorber arms.
  7. Connect brake hose to brake pipe at frame X member and lock in place with retainer. Connect parking brake cable through bracket on torque tube and to brake cable sheave. Bleed rear wheel cylinders and adjust parking brake as described in paragraph 9-7 and 9-9.
  8. Connect radius rod to 1955 Buick rear axle. NOTE: Normal weight of car must be on rear springs when tightening radius rod pin nuts so that rubber bushings in rod will be clamped in neutral position.



The rear ends of strut rods are attached to axle housing by bolts. The front ends of strut rods are riveted to a bracket welded to the torque tube. Strut rods supplied for service replacement are not drilled for the attaching rivet; therefore the rivet hole must be drilled to coincide with hole in bracket after installation and alignment of strut rod. This cannot be done with 1955 Buick rear axle assembly under the car.

  1. Remove 1955 Buick rear axle assembly (par.6-4).
  2. Drill through the head of strut rod rivet with a 7/16″ drill; the rivet head has a centering depression for this operation. Drive out rivet with a punch. CAUTION: If rivet head is cut off without drilling, the hole in strut rod and bracket will be distorted.
  3. Disconnect brake pipe and parking brake cable conduit from strut rod and disconnect strut rod from 1955 Buick rear axle.
  4. Bolt rear end of new strut rod to axle housing, bringing nut up finger tight.
  5. Hold front end of strut rod against bracket on torque tube so that rivet hole is centered on flat end of rod. Insert sharp scriber through hole in bracket to mark its location on strut rod.
  6. Remove strut rod. Place center punch mark in exact center of scribed mark, then drill a 1/4” hole, followed by a 1/2″ drill.
  7. Reinstall strut rod, then run a 3/16″ drill through holes in strut rod and bracket.
  8. Attach strut rod to bracket with bolt No. 1312923, 1/8″ lock washer and a thin nut. Tighten bolt at rear end of strut rod.



Removal of 1955 Buick Axle Shaft

  1. Place car stands solidly under 1955 Buick rear axle housing so that wheels are clear of floor.
  2. Clean the rear end of chassis, bottom of body, axle housing, wheels and tires, and under rear fenders, removing as much dirt as possible. DO NOT TAKE CHANCES OF GETTING ABRASIVE SUBSTANCES INTO AXLE HOUSING OR BEARINGS.
  3. Remove rear wheel and brake drum.
  4. Drain 1955 Buick rear axle housing and remove cover.
  5. Remove differential side pinion shaft lock screw, push pinion shaft from differential case, and remove spacer and pinions.
  6. Push axle shaft inward and drive the horseshoe-shaped lock washer from grooved inner end of axle shaft, using Remover J 1515. See figure 6-3.