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1952 Buick Super Sedan - Model 52

1952 Buick Super Sedan – Model 52

Production 71,387 cars
Original Baseprice $ 2,563.00
Engine 263.3 cui Fireball L8
128 (w/Dynaflow)
225 ft-lbs (w/Dynaflow)
62.8 inches
80 inches
210.2 inches
125.5 inches
3,825 pounds

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Quote from Original Literature

1952 Buick Sales Brochure
The 1952 Buick Super Sedan (Model 52) - biggest of the big-buy Supers, this extra-long four-door beauty rides on a 125 1/2-inch wheelbase, carries six in more than spacious comfort.

1952 Buick Super Sedan Equipment

The Super series was the most popluar Buick line in 1952. The reason why: The 1952 Buick Super Sedan based on the big Fisher body and gave lots of room for rather little money – plus a long options list for more luxury.

Direction Signals
Flexible Spoke Steering Wheel
Foamtex Seat Cushions
Antenna (Manual or Automatic)
Dynaflow Transmission (Automatic)
Easy-Eye Glass
Heater & Defroster
Non Glare Mirror
Power Windows
Safety Group (includes Back-Up Lights, Jumbo-Size Bumper Guards & Parking Brake Signal Light)
Selectronic Radio
Sonomatic Radio
Two-Tone Paint
Windshield Washer
Wheel Covers (Hubcaps)
White Wall Tires

See 1952 Buick Options & Accessories for a full list with original prices.

1952 Buick Options & Accessories
  • 1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor

    1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor

    Roadmaster for 1952 has the most powerful engine in its distinguished history. The reason? A new carburetor, the 1952 Buick Airpower carburetor. Read more!

1952 Buick Super Sedan Colors

1952 Buick Colors

16 beautiful colors were used in Buick plants to paint a 1952 Buick Super model. Two-Tone paint was available at extra cost. In this case, only the roof could be painted differently. Note: Color accuracy varies by computer/device settings and depends on the actual light.

(See complete 1952 Buick color chart for Duco Paint numbers and correct Two-Tone paint combinations.)

1952 Buick Colors

Body Colors

Carlsbad Black

Verde Green

Imperial Blue

Barton Grey

Victoria Maroon

Seamist Grey

Sky Grey

Terrace Green

Venetian Blue

Surf Blue

Glenn Green

Sequoia Cream

Apache Red

Golden Sand

Teal Blue

Beach White

Roof Colors (Two-Tone Paint)

Sky Grey (with Verde Green, Victoria Maroon, Seamist Grey, Terrace Green, Venetian Blue or Surf Blue)

Imperial Blue (with Barton Grey or Surf Blue)

Seamist Grey (with Sky Grey or Beach White)

Terrace Green (with Glenn Green)

Beach White (with Golden Sand or Teal Blue)

Carlsbad Black (with Sequoia Cream or Apache Red)

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1952 Buick Videos

1952 Buick Videos

Buick launched their Dealer Organization Training (DOT) in 1952. Each set consists of one or more filmstrip(s), record(s) and literature to train salesmen directly in the dealership. It can be compared to todays PowerPoint. Six Buick videos were published in 1952.

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Literature covering the 1952 Buick Super Sedan

Online Literature

No matter if you repair your 1952 Buick Super Sedan by yourself or if you have a good mechanic – there are some books that make the maintenance much easier. Hometown Buick has made them online available for you!

1952 Buick Literature


1952 is a tough year for Buick collectors. Most unusual items have disappeared with time. Hometown Buick is proud to have some of the rarest items for 1952 Buicks. In this section, we’d like to share them with you.

1952 Buick Memorabilia

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We love printed matter. You, too? Then we can support you with originals and reprints of 1952 Buick memorabilia. Check out our store!

1952 Buick Shop Items

For 1952 Buick Super Sedan Owners and Enthusiasts

1952 Buick Body Tag

1952 Buick Body Tag

You can go back in time. Find your Body Tag of your 1952 Buick Super Sedan and you know how it was built originally. Colors, Interior and even Options were stamped in the Body by Fisher Plate. Learn more about your car now!

Decode 1952 Buick Body Tag

1952 Buick Registry

1952 Buick Registry

What is a rare car? To answer that question you need to know the numbers. Unfortunately there are no official numbers for 1952 Buicks. Hometown Buick set up a registry to support you with further information of other 1952 Buicks. Please register your 1952 Buick and help the community.

Register your 1952 Buick Super Sedan

1952 Buick Configurator

1952 Buick Configurator

Hometown Buick enables time travelling – with the 1952 Buick Configurator. Built a 1952 Buick just like you want it – and as potential buyers could have done it in 1952. Play with all the options, colors and create your personal classic car.

Configure your 1952 Buick

1952 Buick Prices

1952 Buick Prices

The worth of a 1952 Buick is hard to tell. Prices vary by parameters like condition, location and authenticity. But before you buy (or sell) your car, you need to check the price ranges. There are some platforms that can give you a first orientiation.

Check 1952 Buick Super Sedan Prices

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