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1952 Buick Roadmaster Sedan – Model 72R

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The 1952 Buick Roadmaster Sedan (Model 72R) - here is the most lordly, most spacious of Buick's six-passenger sedans. Regal in size and distinguished bearing, this four-door traveller is magnificently powered, masterful of ride and superbly light to handle. Note the impressive styling of sweepspear fender trim and chrome panels, the four-port markings, the silvery dress of extra side windows.

1952 Buick Roadmaster Riviera – Model 76R

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The 1952 Buick Roadmaster Riviera (Model 76R) - smartly combining the verve of a Convertible with the snug comfort of a steel-topped Sedan. Luxury abounds in this six-passenger beauty -from superb fabrics and gleaming chrome crossbows to hydraulic control of windows and front-seat adjustment.

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