1952 Buick Videos

In 1952, Buick started their Buick Dealer Training Organization Program. Buick sent filmstrip sets consisting of record and matching filmstrip to dealers. The aim was to give salesmen effective sales techniques and mechanics important service procedures. These 1952 Buick videos can be seen as early Powerpoint presentations.

One of the first 1952 Buick slidefilms tells salesmen how to do a proper car presentation job. You can see great shots of a 1952 Buick in a dealership. The showroom is full of neat selling accessories.

If you have more 1952 Buick videos that are not listed here, we’d be happy get in touch with you!

1952 Buick – Company Manners

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1952 Buick - Company Manners This important DOT release dramatizes to the dealership employee - mechanic, parts manager, cashier, porter, salesman - the importance of winning and holding customer loyalty. It shows how easy it is to maintain good customer relations and what little effort it requires of the individual employee, pointing [...]

1952 Buick – Closing the Deal

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1952 Buick - Closing the Deal The film "1952 Buick - Closing the Deal" shows salesmen how to close orders quickly and properly. Actual selling situations, with suggested conversations for the salesman, are presented. Title Closing the Deal Author Buick Division of General Motors Year 1952 # DOT 06 Duration 15min [...]