1952 Buick Configurator

Would you like to go back in time to 1952 and walk into the showroom of a Buick dealership? Unfortunately this can’t be arranged. Todays car manufacturers offer only build-your-own features for actual models. Hometown Buick has closed the gap! We’ve created the 1952 Buick configurator to combine the best of both worlds. With our 52 Buick configurator you can look at all new 52 Buicks and build it with the features and accessories you’d like to have. Try our 1952 Buick configurator now!


The extended version of the 1952 Buick configurator is under construction. It will provide any feature that allows you to go back in time and build the 1952 Buick to factory correct specifications. As soon as it is ready, we’ll let you know!

1952 Buick Configurator Pop-Out
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