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The content on this page is based on the 1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor brochure.

1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor
1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor Slogan 01
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Roadmaster for 1952 has the most powerful engine in its distinguished history – 170 horsepower -waiting for a nudge of your toe to unleash it. Yet this same great-powered Roadmaster is also setting new records for mileage and economy!

What is the answer? A new carburetor, the 1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor – which puts in “free air” to work to give you more power.

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Carburetion boils down to this – gasoline has to be mixed with a great quantity of air, to burn properly in an automobile engine more than 8,000 gallons of air to each gallon of gas.

Your carburetor has to do this ticklish mixing job, to supply the right diet of gas and air to your engine, under all sorts of conditions -with engine hot or cold, speed high or low, when cruising or leaping into sudden acceleration.

The 1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor does all this with amazing new flexibility and economy. Unlike conventional carburetors, it avoids the usual compromise of being too large for slow-speed operation, too small for high speeds.

1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor Slogan 04

The AIRPOWER carburetor is designed on the “booster” principle. It is a four-barrel or double dual carburetor – actually, two carburetors in one integrated unit.

There is a main carburetor, which is sized and designed to supply the just-right thrifty mixture of fuel and air for a smooth idle, or for road speeds up to 40 or 50 miles an hour. Then, there is an auxiliary carburetor that cuts in when you call for more power-for a quick spurt out of a tight spot-for an unbroken gait up a steep hill-or for full throttle operation.

When you want extra power – and plenty of it – this auxiliary unit opens up and takes a bigger gulp of air enough air to use the full power from each drop of gas.

The effect is like giving your engine a “second wind.”

1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor Slogan 05

Remember- this extra air is free. By using it to burn gasoline at maximum efficiency, you can get more mileage from each gallon.

For instance, with this new 1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor you can cruise at 40 miles an hour-and get the same high miles per gallon as in last year’s Roadmaster at 30 miles an hour.

1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor Slogan 06

Buick engineers spent over 15 years in developing, refining and road-testing the 1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor under all sorts of conditions.

The result is a compact unit – a reliable, automatic, four barrel carburetor in one housing, with full reserve capacity for increased power when you need it. A simple reliable unit. As for servicing, tune-up mechanics will find the same number and the same type of adjustments which are used on Buick’s standard carburetor.

Like all Buick carburetors, the AIRPOWER carburetor is of “down-draft” design for easier breathing action and better fuel distribution; and it incorporates Buick’s “Aerobat” feature which avoids flooding or starving when the car is accelerating, tilted, rounding a corner, or climbing a hill.

1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor Slogan 07

AIRPOWER carburetion literally takes a bonus of power out of thin air.

It enables Buick engineers to achieve a 7.5-to-1 compression ratio, for a still greater gain in performance. It gives you, in your 1952 Roadmaster, more power at high speeds – more miles per gallon of gas.

Drive a 1952 Roadmaster with the new 1952 Buick Airpower Carburetor – and see!