1957 Buick Windshield Reveal Moldings (Except Convertibles)

The windshield reveal moldings consist of the following parts; windshield upper reveal molding; windshield side reveal molding, right and left; and windshield lower reveal molding, right and left. The upper reveal molding is secured to the body by means of bolt and clip assemblies and attaching nuts. Access to these attaching nuts is gained by loosening the headlining over the windshield. The side and lower reveal moldings are secured to the body by means of clips and screws which are accessible on the outside of the body.

The windshield reveal moldings are installed in the following sequence: (1) windshield upper and /or lower reveal moldings may be installed independently; (when lower reveal moldings are installed, the right molding is installed first). (2) The side reveal moldings, right and left, are installed last.

  1. Removal and Installation of Windshield Side Reveal Molding.
    • Open door. Remove screws securing side reveal molding to front body hinge pillar. See figure 13-164.
      1957 Buick Windshield Reveal Molding Attachment

      1957 Buick Windshield Reveal Molding Attachment

      To remove side reveal molding, first remove windshield drain gutter.

    • Disengage side reveal molding from lower reveal molding. Then remove side reveal molding from upper reveal molding by pulling from center of body. See figure 13-164.
    • To install, reverse removal procedure. Seal attaching screw holes with body caulking compound.
  2. Removal and Installation of Windshield Upper Reveal Molding.
    • Cover- instrument panel, seat, hood and fenders.
    • Remove windshield side and upper garnish moldings and rear view mirror support. (c) Remove sunshades and sunshade supports.
    • On 76R and 73 style bodies, loosen side roof rail finishing moldings at front to gain access to headlining.
    • Carefully remove tacks and loosen headlining sufficiently to gain access to upper reveal molding attaching nuts. See figure 13-165.