The following new features have been incorporated into the 1957 Buick convertible folding tops: Two locking handles are used to secure the front roof rail to the windshield header.

“Floating” trim sticks designed to pivot with the movement of the top as it is lowered or raised, are used to secure the top fabric at the rear quarter areas. The rear end of the trim stick is attached to a support which in turn is secured to the rear quarter inner panel, while the forward end of the trim stick is positioned in a guide.

A newly designed folding top male hinge secures the linkage to the body at the rear quarter area on Series 40-60 convertibles only.

The removal and installation of the folding top trim assembly and weatherstrips are similar to the procedure used on past convertibles. On series 40-60 convertibles only, the adjustment of the top linkage is partially new due to the new design of the folding top male hinge.



The sealing along each folding top side roof rail is accomplished by a front, center and rear section of weatherstrip. These weatherstrips are attached to the side roof rails with nuts on the integral studs of the weatherstrip section. In addition, the ends of the weatherstrip sections are secured to the side roof rail with screws.

The procedure below outlines the removal and installation of all three (3) sections of weatherstrip. Each section may be removed and installed separately if desired.

Removal of Side Roof Rail Weatherstrips

  1. Lower 1957 Buick convertible top halfway.
  2. Remove weatherstrip attaching screws at ends of each section of weatherstrip.
  3. Remove screw securing end of front roof rail weatherstrip retainer. Then with a flat bladed tool, carefully break cement bond between front roof rail rear weatherstrip and side roof rail front weatherstrip.
  4. Remove weatherstrip attaching nuts and washers and remove weatherstrips.

Installation of Side Roof Rail Weatherstrips

  1. Clean off cement from front and side roof rails to insure clean cementing surfaces.
  2. Apply an approved weatherstrip cement to forward portion of side roof rail front weatherstrip and to end of front roof rail rear weatherstrip. Then install side roof rail weatherstrip to form “butt” joint with front roof rail weatherstrip.
  3. Apply a ribbon of body caulking compound along entire length of attaching surface on each side roof rail weatherstrip section just outboard of the integral studs and reverse removal procedure. (See figure 13-100.)
    1957 Buick Side Roof Rail Weatherstrip View

    1957 Buick Side Roof Rail Weatherstrip View

    Clean off excess cement and sealer.

Adjustment of Side Roof Rail Weatherstrips

  1. The side roof rail weatherstrip sections may be adjusted inboard or outboard. To adjust, remove attaching screws, loosen attaching nuts and position as desired. Tighten nuts and reinstall attaching screws. If necessary, drill new hole for weatherstrip front attaching screw.
  2. The side roof rail weatherstrips may also be adjusted downward. To perform this adjustment, loosen weatherstrip as required and insert waterproof cardboard shim between weatherstrip and side roof rail, tighten weatherstrip attaching nuts and reinstall attaching screws.



Two weatherstrips of different types are used along the front roof rail. The front weatherstrip is a trim covered 1/2″ diameter round rubber which is tacked to the front roof rail trim stick. The rear weatherstrip is a door weatherstrip-type section and is secured to the front roof rail by weatherstrip cement and by the rear edge of a two piece metal retainer.

To remove either weatherstrip, lower the 1957 Buick Convertible top and remove the two piece metal retainer; then remove tacks securing front weatherstrip or break cement bond securing rear weatherstrip. To install weatherstrip, reverse removal procedure. When installing rear weatherstrip, follow cementing instructions outlined for the door weatherstrip.



The 1957 Buick Convertible top linkage consists of three sections of right and left side roof rails and a front roof rail connected together by bolts, hinges, and a series of connecting links and bows. The top linkage is attached to the body at the rear quarter area by a male hinge bolted – to an adjustable support. The front roof rail is locked at the windshield header by two cam locks which are an integral part of the two locking handles.

The following information outlines and illustrates procedures which may be used to correct misaligned folding top linkage. To correct some top variations, only a single adjustment is required; other top variations require a combination of adjustments. In conjunction with adjustment of the folding top, it may be necessary to adjust the door, door glass, rear quarter glass, or the side roof rail weatherstrips. After any adjustments are made, the folding top should be checked at the rear quarter area for proper fit. In some cases, the folding top rear quarter trim stick front outer guide and the trim stick and support assembly may be adjusted slightly to obtain proper fit of top material at the rear quarter area.

Adjustment of 1957 Buick Convertible Top at Front Roof Rail Corner Brace

If the 1957 Buick Convertible top when in a raised position is too far forward or does not move forward enough to allow the guide studs on the front roof rail to enter the holes in the striker assembles, proceed as follows:

  1. Unlatch top and raise it above windshield header. Remove side roof rail weatherstrip front attaching screw.
  2. Loosen corner brace attaching bolts indicated in figure 13-101 and adjust front roof rail fore or aft as required.