1958 Buick Brakes Specifications

1958 Buick Brakes Specifications



Except for the changes described below for this section, the 1958 brakes remain the same as in 1957.

Brake Linings

All series will have a brake lining area of 183.5 sq. inches, which is an increase of 7.7 % on the 40, 60 and 50 series. The front brake linings are 2 1/2″ wide and 1/4″ thick to provide more usable lining material.

Brake Drums

The Series 60, 50, 70 and 700 will be equipped with aluminum front drums which are designed for greater heat dissipation. These aluminum drums are similar to those used on the 75 Series in 1957. The front drums on the 40 Series are Motor Wheel pearlite cast iron and the rear drums on all series are Buick pearlite cast iron.

Brake Backing Plate

A new front brake backing plate is piloted directly on the spindle of the steering knuckle support for maximum precision in centering the brake assembly with drum to hub assembly. See Figure 9-1.

1958 Buick Brake Backing Plate

1958 Buick Brake Backing Plate

Four bolts, two increased to 1/2″ and two to 7/16”, replacing the five 7/16″ bolts used in 1957 are used to attach the backing plate to the steering knuckle support. This provides stronger and simpler attachment of the backing plate. At the base of the spindle between backing plate and steering knuckle is a grease and water-proof rubber seal to prevent any dirt or foreign matter from entering the brakes.

Anchor Pin

All series will have an offset anchor pin used in the front brakes to achieve greater brake stability. The offset anchor pin must be installed with the offset toward the top as shoes will not be positioned properly and drum cannot be installed if offset is installed down.

Brake Pedal

The brake pedal, push rod and idler lever on Dynaflow equipped cars are not interchange­ able with 1957 models, due to changes in dimensions.



The specifications and changes in Section 9-A Standard Brakes, also pertain to power brake equipped cars except for paragraph 9-2, sub. par. e. Power brakes are optional on Series 40, 60 and 50 and are standard equipment on Series 70 and 700.

Only Moraine power cylinders will be used in 1958. The power brake hydraulic cylinder mounting to the vacuum cylinder has been changed from four to three bolts. Aside from the information described above, the power brakes remain the same as 1957.