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The content of this page is based on the 1956 Buick Heater & Defroster / 1956 Buick Air Conditioner brochure.

1956 Buick Heater & Defroster Outlets

1956 Buick Heater & Defroster with Buick’s new Perimeter Heating

This new kind of heating system brings a continuous flow of outside air warmed thermostatically to your pleasure. Two adjustable outlets on the instrument panel and another large outlet underneath bathe your Buick’s interior in complete, uniform warmth from front to back-side to side-floor to ceiling.

1956 Buick Heater & Defroster with Buick’s new 4-Season Airconditioner

This is car airconditioning at its best. A genuine Frigidaire product built to Buick design. Mounted out of the way, up under the hood, the Buick 4-Season Airconditioner cools the air to your liking – dehumidified, filtered, freer of dust and pollen. Because of this thorough filtering process, you’ll find the 4-Season Airconditioner serves you far longer than during the hot months alone.

1956 Buick Heater & Defroster Slogan1956 Buick Heater & Defroster Controls

To operate the Buick Perimeter Heating System…

  1. Shut the left vent (located below the instrument panel at the base of the steering column) by pushing button in.
  2. Push knob “A” to “WARMER.” This is your thermostatic control. The closer you push it to “WARMER,” the higher the temperature of the incoming air.
  3. Push knob “B” toward “MAX”. This controls flow of heated air.
  4. Turn blower switch “C” to “HI” or “LO,” depending on how fast you want the warm air circulated.
  5. Pull knob “E” to turn on defroster.

To operate the Buick 4-Season Airconditioner…

To operate the Buick 4-Season Airconditioner…

  1. Shut off left vent (same as step 1 on opposite page).
  2. Turn knob “A” to “OFF.”
  3. Push knob “B” to extreme right to word “ON.” This opens the airconditioning vents.
  4. Push cold thermostat control knob “D” to “MAX.”
  5. Turn blower switch “C” to “HI” or “LO,” depending on how fast you want cool air circulated.
1956 Buick Heater & Defroster

Only a sampling will tell you how weather-perfect driving can be

You have to try these two new advances to know how really far Buick engineers have brought car cooling and heating in 1956 – to know how much comfort can be yours throughout the year.

In the Spring and Fall when days are often damp and muggy, you can dehumidify the air with your 1956 Buick Air Conditioner. Or you can take the chill out of it with your 1956 Buick Heater & Defroster System. Or you can drive through blinding rainstorms and still have a continuous flow of outside air with Buick’s High Intake Ventilation System.

In the Winter – you get perfect, draft-free comfort with Buick’s Perimeter Heating System – forced air circulation that creates a “curtain of warmth” around the car’s interior from top to bottom-and with an absolute minimum of window fogging. In addition, this powerful system can make your car’s interior warmer than your own living room.

In the Summer – you can cool down the stifling interior of a parked Buick in a matter of minutes – and keep it that way. Air is dehumidified and filtered almost completely free of dust and pollen. The air you breathe is as clean as modern Buick engineering can make it. And that’s a blessing that allergy sufferers will really appreciate.

In all seasons – you can enjoy the silence-the freedom from noise and wind roar-that comes with closed window driving-and you enjoy the blissful comfort of the best heating and cooling systems yet.

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