1956 Buick Configurator

The 1956 Buick Configurator made by Hometown Buick lets you build your own 56 Buick – including color combinations, interior trim and other options! See the beautiful 56 Buick in all different paint combinations. By using tri-tone combinations you can choose between hundreds of combinations! 1956 Buick owners  can recalculate the original MSRP with the factory correct prices for every optional equipment. Try our 1956 Buick configurator now – the basic version is free!


The extended version of the 1956 Buick configurator is under construction. It will provide any feature that allows you to go back in time and build the 1956 Buick to factory correct specifications. As soon as it is ready, we’ll let you know!

1956 Buick Configurator Pop-Out
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