The most satisfactory method of preventing a paint “scrubbing” condition between the hood and front fenders on 1949 Series 50 and 70 cars is to install 1950 type hood guides and spacers. This installation will also simplify hood alignment because it automatically spaces the split line between the hood and fenders.

Installation is made as follows:

  1. Remove the rectangular hood bumper located just to the rear of the front hood hinge.
  2. Center a hood spacer guide, Group 8.037, Part No. 1342263in the space formerly occupied by the hood bumper, with the top of the guide just below the top of the fender (similar to installation on 1950 cars) and scribe the mounting hole locations. (See Figure 40.)
    1950 Buick Hood Spacers

    1950 Buick Hood Spacers

  3. Drill at center of scribed holes, using a #28 (.140) or #29 (.136) diameter drill.
  4. Install the guide using #8-18×1/2 Type “B” (187875) self-tapping screws or equivalent. (It may be necessary to bend the guide slightly to provide a tight fit against the fender flange.)
  5. Lower the hood and scribe a light chalk mark at the split line to correspond with the center line of the guide installed in Step #4.
  6. Using the chalk line as a center line, place a hood spacer Group 8.031, Part No. 1341537, in the position shown in Figure 41.