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1953 Buick Air Conditioner Manual

1953 Buick Air Conditioner Manual

1953 Buick Air Conditioner Manual – Content

We realize that a great number of you are entering a new field of endeavor; one that involves a number of problems with which you are not familiar. You are going to hear words and expressions that may be new to you. It will be necessary for you to work with tools and instruments that as yet you do not have the “feel” of; however, it is felt that by carefully reading the entire contents of this booklet and following the procedures as given, you will have little difficulty in understanding how the Buick Air Conditioning system operates, how it is maintained, and the necessary steps to take in making repairs.

Air conditioning in itself is not a new subject. Public buildings and homes have been air conditioned for many years. Then, too, countless millions of refrigerators have been built – nearly all of which operate by the same basic principles and components as our automobile air conditioning unit.

The main function of the system which you are about to study is to provide comfort in the passenger compartment of the car by cooling the air, removing the moisture from the air, and by supplying a limited amount of outside air for ventilation. While the cooling of the air may account for the reduction in actual temperature, the removal of moisture, or dehumidifying, which is also done by the cooling coil may produce a greater cooling effect than the actual reduction of temperature.

We believe you will discover Buick Air Conditioning to be a very interesting subject and one which you will readily become qualified to service and maintain. Before we go into the description, operation and servicing of the air conditioning unit as it is installed in our cars it most probably would be enlightening if we briefly run through the Operation of a typical home refrigerator.