1953 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

1953 Buick Options (Optional Equipment)

For its 50th anniversary, Buick improved the list of 1953 Buick Optional Equipment. The most revolutionary feature was the “Buick Air Conditioner”. In comparison to modern Air Conditioning it was more like a fridge in the trunk – but it provided cool air! The price was enormous. 594 USD does not sound much today, but compare it with the car price: The 1953 Buick Special 4-door Deluxe Sedan was tagged with 2,255 USD. The other new important item on the list is “Power Brakes”. That made stopping the car easier. Much less force was needed to depress the brake pedal.

The anniversary model, the 1953 Buick Skylark, had almost any items of the 1953 Buick Optional Equipment as standard equipment.

A closer look at 1953 Buick Options & Accessories

1953 Buick Optional Equipment Overview

ADynaflow Transmission$192.50$192.50Standard
BHeater & Defroster$67.26$67.26$67.26
DSonomatic Radio with Manual Antenna$91.72$91.72$91.72
ESelectronic Radio with Manual Antennan/a$122.37$122.37
FSafety Group (consists of options G, O & V plus Prk. Brake Signal)$31.29$31.29Standard
GWindshield Washer$9.19$9.19Standard
HFlexible Spoke Steering Wheel$12.27StandardStandard
IAntenna Only$9.19$9.19$9.19
KFoamtex Seat Cushions$17.30StandardStandard
LAir Conditionern/a$594.00 (only for 52/56R)$594.00 (only for 72R/76R)
MAccessory Group (Standard Wheel Covers, El. Clock, Trunk Light, License Plate Frame)$36.73n/an/a
MStandard Wheel Coversn/a$12.27Standard
NAccessory Group (Wire Wheel Covers, El. Clock, Trunk Light, License Plate Frame)$115.86n/an/a
NWire Wheel Coversn/a$91.40$91.40
OGlare-Proof Rear View Mirror$5.00$5.00Standard
PEasy-Eye Glass$32.30$32.30$32.30
QWhite Wall Tires (5)$31.50$31.50$35.40
THydraulic Controlsn/a$146.80 (only for52/56C)$146.80 (only for 76C, 76R, 76X)
UPower Steering$177.40$177.40Standard
VBack-Up Lights??Standard
XPower Brakesn/a$35.19$35.19