1953 Buick Body Tag

1953 Buick Body Tag Decode

Decode the 1953 Buick Body Tag to see how your 1953 Buick came originally from the factory. It is a plate located under the hood attached to the outer dash (passenger side). Use this guide to start your 1953 Buick Body Tag decode now!

1953 MOD.Specifies the model via. Refer to our 1953 Buick Production Overview
STYLE NO.Specifies the Fisher Body Style. 50 means 1953 model year. The next digit “4” stands for Buick (Fisher Body produced bodies for Cadillac, Oldsmobile and others, too). Next one is for the series: 3 (Special), 5 (Super) or 7 (Roadmaster). The rest tells us the exact model (see 1953 Buick Production Overview)!
BODY NO.The leading letter indicates the assembly plant:
G – Flint, Michigan
BC – South Gate, California
BL – Linden, New Jersey
BK – Kansas City, Missouri
BW – Wilmington, Delaware
BA – Atlanta, Georgia
BF – Framingham, Massachusetts
TRIM NO.This info shows which interior was chosen. Please see our 1953 Buick Interior Trim section.
PAINT NO.The original exterior paint is given here. Look it up on this 1953 Buick Colors page.
TOP & ACCSome of the factory installed options were marked here. Compare the letters with this list of 1953 Buick Optional Equipment.

1953 Buick Assembly Plants

1953 Buick VIN Tag

1953 Buick VIN Tag Decode

Each 1953 Buick has an individual vehicle identification number stamped on the VIN tag. The plate is affixed to left front windshield pillar post and is visible by opening the left front door.

First digitThis indicates the assembly plant.
1 – Flint, Michigan
2 – South Gate, California
3 – Linden, New Jersey
4 – Kansas City, Missouri
5 – Wilmington, Delaware
6 – Atlanta, Georgia
7 – Framingham, Massachusetts
Seven additional digitsThis is the production sequence number.