1953 Buick Configurator

In 1953, Buick celebrated its 50th anniversary with an improved model line. See for yourself with the 1953 Buick Configurator made by Hometown Buick! Build your own Buick like the special anniversary model, the 1953 Buick Skylark, or any other of the 13 models. The 1953 Buick configurator enables you to play with factory correct options to create a special 53 Buick of your own. If you have a 53 Buick you can recreate it to calculate the original selling price. Have fun and enjoy!


The extended version of the 1953 Buick configurator is under construction. It will provide any feature that allows you to go back in time and build the 1953 Buick to factory correct specifications. As soon as it is ready, we’ll let you know!

1953 Buick Configurator Pop-Out
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