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1957 Buick Brake Maintenance

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PEDAL RETURN SPRING CAMPAIGN 1957 Power Brake Following is a reprint of Special Service Letter - Dealer No. 211, dated May 8, 1957: In Special Service Letter - Dealer No. 209, dated April 26th, it was announced that the torsional power brake pedal return spring was being replaced by the extension type return spring. On [...]

2014 2014/02

1955 Buick Brake Maintenance

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The Description, Operation, and Service Procedures for the Standard Hydraulic Brakes remain unchanged from 1954, however the Power Brake Cylinder is completely new for 1955. The New Power Brake Cylinder assembly is an air-suspended unit which means that atmospheric pressure is present on both sides of the Power Cylinder Piston when the brakes are in [...]

2014 2014/02

1957 Buick Brakes Maintenance

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SECTION 9-A MANUAL BRAKES 9-1 GENERAL INFORMATION Location Both manual and power brake pedals are suspended from a new bracket located under the instrument panel. The master cylinder location has been moved from the toe-board and placed at the left ventilation air duct cover assembly. The residual check valve is built into both manual and [...]

2014 2014/02

1950 Buick Brake Maintenance

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We have recently checked several cases where a "crunching" noise occurs when brakes are applied at low car speeds. Although this noise can be caused by several points of movement in the 1950 Buick brake assembly, it appears that a major portion originates between the 1950 Buick brake shoe hold-down spring retainers and the brake shoe [...]

2014 2014/01

1954 Buick Brake Changes

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STANDARD HYDRAULIC BRAKES (ALL SERIES) The standard Hydraulic Brake system remains the same except for the location of the hydraulic master cylinder and the redesigned brake pedal and splash seal. The hydraulic master cylinder is now mounted on the left side of the frame adjacent to the rear transmission support. From a service standpoint the [...]

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