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1958 Buick Exterior Moldings

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SECTION 13-I 1958 BUICK EXTERIOR MOLDINGS (ALL SERIES) 13-26 REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION OF 1958 BUICK EXTERIOR MOLDINGS The 1958 Buick exterior moldings are secured by any one or a combination of clips, screws, bolt and clip assemblies and joint plates. Before removing any molding which has to be pried from the body, apply a strip of [...]

2014 2014/11

1950 Buick Chassis Sheet Metal

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GROUP 12 1950 BUICK CHASSIS SHEET METAL 12-1 DESCRIPTION OF 1950 BUICK CHASSIS SHEET METAL Front End Sheet Metal Assembly The front end sheet metal assembly consists of front fenders and skirts, radiator grille frame, radiator mounting strap and radiator core, radiator pan, outside air intake ducts which are attached to the fender skirts, and [...]

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