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1951 Buick Special Convertible – Model 46C

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The 1951 Buick Special Convertible (Model 46C) - here's all the dash and elan of this Buick body style in a budget-priced package with luxurious DeLuxe finish-even to hydraulic push-button control of top, windows, and front-seat adjustment. Carries six on its smartly tailored leather seats.

1951 Buick Special Deluxe Sedan – Model 41D

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The 1951 Buick Special Deluxe Sedan (Model 41D) - Spearhead of Buick's budget-babying luxury models is this rich and spacious 6-passenger sedan with true DeLuxe finish throughout. Here's bright beauty, abundant power and room, a wonderful ride, the high-popularity of 4-door handiness-and price tagged nearer than ever to the very, very lowest.

1951 Buick Special Business Coupe – Model 46

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The 1951 Buick Special Business Coupe (Model 46) - this is the smart one for the small family and the traveling businessman. Trim and tidy in design and detail, with a spacious rear section behind the big 3-passenger front seat to hold sample cases, extra luggage and the like.

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